Graham Slam Golden Slam Clone Request

Found this on social webs, found one recipe but seems like it might not match.

Flavor Profile:
The actual flavor profile of this vape juice is Golden Graham Cracker and cold milk. However, the full description is crunchy brown cinnamon golden graham cracker dunked in fresh cold milk. Lastly, Graham Slam Golden Slam e-juice has a 70VG/30PG blend, ensuring the best of both flavor and clouds.

Flavor Profile #2: Golden Slam: Golden graham cracker dunked in a glass of cold milk. A delectable E-Liquid treat. Crunchy brown cinnamon sugar graham cracker mixed with the taste of fresh cold milk. Light and rich at the same time. Creamy, full-bodied taste. Cinnamon spice cooled off by smooth milk on the inhale, golden brown crust on the exhale. Cinnamon spice offers a satisfying throat hit that’s perfect, in between weak and strong. Mouth feel is sweet and delicious.

This is one of those milky but flavorful type juices, and those are hard to come by.

  • Flavor Profile: Golden Graham Cracker, Cold Milk

VG/PG Levels: 70vg/30pg

Toasted by MrBurgundy | DIY Vape Recipes (

Thanks in advance!


Never heard of that one but the best Golden Grahams I’ve had is this one by @SessionDrummer,

It’s definitely full flavored and I’m sure it could be adapted to that profile, possibly add more Milk notes and just a touch of Cinnamon Spice (TPA)


Well @DarkJester89, I am the Graham Guy !!! Well, SteamCrave guy, who LOVES the graham. I’ve never seen that recipe, and I’m assuming we’re talking about Mamasan’s Graham Slam ?? I’ve got a few bottles sitting around that I peek into every once in awhile. To my tastes, there isn’t really much graham in it, but Cereal 27, and a few vanillas, resulting in a very creamy sweet Cereal 27 almost. Tasty, but oversweetened to death. That top recipe MIGHT be on track with the 3 vanilla creams. Thinking the TPA CGC is there as a binder/blender. I’ll try it out and see what’s what. Thank you for sharing. Were you needing a Graham Slam clone, or just found one ?

Thanks very much @Rocky02852.


I’m curious in trying it, and then thinking back if i even have a cinnamon base outside of cinnamon roll to use. I see an interesting juice, i try to find one and if i dont, i ask for it.


Edit: Change found to made:
Made this, your recipe, this: Toasted by MrBurgundy | DIY Vape Recipes and then the core break down of a golden graham (retro version with honey)

Golden Grahams consists of a graham cracker taste with honey and brown sugar. The cereal is made up of small toasted square shaped cereal pieces made of whole wheat and corn.


Was this a recipe dump you found on Reddit? Just curious because a lot of dumps are being posted now.


I’m not one for a recipe dump, and haven’t used reddit in years for recipes. It seemed the opposite, that reddit was the dump of this site.

Nah, it’s not a dump, i’m not one for that.


So it’s your clone? Sorry, I was confused.


It’s my version of what I think it might be, looks like the golden grahams base was cracked, but slight variations throughout history. the golden/honey part seemed to be something none of them had, despite it being a major/popular ingredient


Let’s see what’s what with that previous one you posted @DarkJester89.