Grape debate

I have just recently begun mixing my own and have been trying to clone a juice called Grape Ape. I’ve purchased tfa grape juice, tfa, grape candy, fwd grape, Flavah grape, and flva grape (inawera on order). I can tell by the smell of my grape ape at least which ones are not a match and based on that i’ve been mixing with tfa grape juice.

The trouble I’m assuming is the sweetener because what I end up with is never close to the sweet aftertaste of the grape ape I’m trying to clone. I’ve tried tfa bubblegum, dx marshmallow, cotton candy EM, and sucrolose with lack luster results.

You would think a simple single or possibly dual fruit flavor would be easy but it has been a beating, 10 test mixes later and I still can’t get it. I’m going for a front of the tongue grape juice taste on inhale and a sweet after note on exhale. I’ve spent hours and hours scouring the Web for some insight and reading reviews, notes, etc., which has resulted in my buying almost every grape flavor available but I really think its the sweetener that I have wrong, or possibly my percentages are off. I’ve come up with some decent end results but they are just not the same as the one I am trying to clone. I’ve been keeping my total flavor between 10-15%.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


What brand is Grape Ape? Do they give a flavour description? Just wondering whether there’s any other fruit notes in there that lift the flavour of grape? :thinking:


I don’t have any experience with DX marshmallow, but I can tell you that TFA marsh has got to be one of the sweetest marshmallows out there. DX is known to taste off to people (sometimes)…

To me, I have to really be sure that I want to use EM. It rounds out your fruit flavors and flattens them out…
It’s good for taming sharp notes (possibly fruit) on certain dessert-like-profiles, but can quickly turn your mix to a dull one.

Sweetener, I can’t do… some people can… @ozo makes his own, along with some others, which turns out really great… or they go for pyure… which is highly reccommended by quite a few people on here.

I think that INWS should be promising for you… they have a great selection of “realistic” tasting concentrates


It’s made by dfw vapor and the their description doesn’t describe any other ingredients but I suspect it has some bubblegum and possibly a smidge of apple in it. I can get a decent fruit blend but I just can’t get the sweetness right. I’m wondering if they used a stevia like CAP grape, or maybe pyure.


Thanks, I’ve tried both with and without EM and have ordered regular marshmallow tfa, as well as some others but I think pyure may be the missing link, and what the hell I’ve bought 57 flavors already, might as well have them all. smh

I have stevia and you only need the tiniest amount to get that sweetness. I think the Pyure of choice on here has a touch of fruit (?) and that really helps the fruit flavour to pop so sounds like you may be on the right track…good luck :+1:


Could the grape be supported by a dark berry of any kind? Blackberry perhaps.


Possible, I will likely have to tune the fruit blend but at this point the sweetness is so far off i’m trying to solve that one first. To me it tastes like it has some apple undertone.

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And there is also FA Pear which is very sweet and goes well with grape. If you do like .5-1 % you’ll get the sweetness and a little creamy feel without it sticking its nose forward. Add some sucralose and maybe a swosj of saline. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


Haha welcome to the club— the club where you can never have enough :smile:

As @Lolly and @anon60225325 said, you can also try attributing the grape with
another fruit at lower %'s…

…“works well with dragonfruit, gives it some tang and bite beyond plain grape sweet
try also with apple, like Fuji, might work to create a sweet applesauce”

this was quoted from a member in the notes on the calculator side on “grape-juice” by TPA.

I haven’t had much experience in the grape world, hopefully more will chime in to give you
a helping hand…

I’d try the grape-juice as the top note, 4-5%, (maybe higher?) and then maybe stack 1-2 more
grapes underneath at lower %'s to attribute it…

I’m betting that flavorahs will give you the right amount of sweetness at .25%-.50%~

Then, later on, you could probably try to add .25% dragon fruit to see what it does for you


I know this may sound weird, but add sone TFA wild blueberry or blackberry to the mix. Might round out the grapiness.


That’s not weird that’s being creative, hell in DIY a shot in the dark is a step forward. Sounds to me that you are piloting your DIY e-juice hobby just fine.

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I have a bunch of recipes I will post tomorrow. I have to categorize them but will get them out. Like 60 or some odd recipes.


I agree that layering the grape flavors is your best bet. I suggest picking up Vaping Zone grape or grape SC from Diyejuice (Canada) or FE Grape from ecigxpress. I would try something like this

8% Flavor west grape
3% TFA grape juice
.5% FLV grape
.25% FE grape
1% SC Grape
1% VZ grape
2% MOL queen of grapes

For sweetener maybe try Erythritol it is a sugar alcohol 2-3 grams per 30ml(VG) to make solution then add 1-3% of solution. Blend pyure in at .5% and im pretty sure this will taste better than the store bought


Thanks for the replies, I will be getting my Inewara grape today so I will try again this weekend, I plan on trying the pyure with the FW, Inewara, and Flavah grapes I have. I am also getting CAP Meringue and may try to sweeten with it as well. Looking forward to any new recipes to look at as well. Thanks for the help.

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Does it happen to be by Mom and pop vaporshop? Because if it is you are going to need some banana, i suspect banana cream by tfa.
They sell the concentrate aswell on their site

Not a mom and pop shop, they have several locations around dfw and someone told me the owner also owns Vapor Lakes, whatever that means.

I think its actually a brand off juice mom and pop.
Anyway here is a link

Well it was pyure stevia that was missing, no doubt about it. I just added a single drop to my already mixed testers and BAM! It leaves the exact sweet tip of the tongue aftertaste as the juice I’m trying to clone. I did get several marshmallow flavors with my last order and just for grins I will try them all with and without pyure just to see if I can make it better but that single missing sweetener component was absolutely the pyure. Thanks for all the help.


Okay. I have this recipe that is great as a shake n vape but after 2 or so months of steep time, the mix tastes different. I have 2 testers that say it tastes like a burnt grape, or the grape is gone.

So, the question: should i layer the grape (would have to buy a different one)
Suggestions please!?!?