Grape Escape by?

I was given a bottle of the attached juice about a month and a half ago. I thought my step daughter stole it from me but she swore she didn’t, we’ll I found it the other day. I am not a fan of Grape so Thursday I saw someone vaping outside at work and asked what they were vaping… it was grape, so I told them I had a bottle if they wanted it. I tossed the bottle in my bag on Friday, but didn’t see them at work, so today as things normally happen, my tank ran dry, and I said the “Oh well…” words and tossed it in. The juice is dated 1/25/16 and is very good… like I said, I’m not a grape type person, but I’ll tell ya what… if I see the person at work again, I’ll lie and tell them I couldn’t find the bottle!
I did a recipe search for this and couldn’t locate one of the 4 listed that had any comments so I’m guessing it isn’t one of them. I’m sure my step daughter is going to love this also… any assistance for finding this or if nothing else I’d like to say thank you to the creator.

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I did a search for escape and found this Just curious why you don’t think it is one of the ones listed?

nods, I seen that and it might be it, but I don’t think so… not because I can taste that it isn’t it, just I don’t think it is… lol

No clue what that recipe tastes like but I can tell you my favorite grape flavor is Grape by Health Cabin which kinda reminds me of Welches grape juice. You can snag a 30ml bottle for like $4 as OneStop DIy

Considering that the bottle in question was made on 1/25/16. Only one recipe from that list existed then, The Grape Escape by tbt127.

Now, it could be a recipe that is set to private.