Great Deal on VG and PG

Ok guys, Get ready to spend some money. Essential Depot is having a limited time special on their glyCUBES of VG and PG. 4 gallons total of VG and PG in any combination for $39!!!

4 Gallons PG-VG Crazy Pricing

glyCUBE - 3 Gallons Vegetable Glycerin & 1 Gallon Propylene Glycol
60% Off Retail - Limited Time
Coupon - SHIP20: 20% Shipping Discount <===== Note discount code on shipping
Shipping: Standard Shipping - 1 to 7 days: $25.68
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $64.68


Ive ordered this a couple times, absolutely great deal on some of the best VG/PG on the market.

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But it is usually $48 for a glyCUBE isn’t it?

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Yes, before shipping costs.

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That’s what I thought. It was already a great deal. Now it’s only $39. I haven’t found it close to that price anywhere else. And I am an internet hound dog when I am feelin’ thrifty.

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Hehehe. I oft shop for the best bargain as well but i will use no other VG. Best stuff i have used to date.

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Very good to know considering I now have 3 gallons coming. Somebody stop me!

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This deal pops up a lot I believe. They are closed till jan 4th so no hurry to order.
They are gonna be busy when they get back to work. :grinning:


Thanks for the link

FYI, this deal is still going on. $39 for 4 gallons. No code need, well maybe for a shipping discount.