Great Flavor RDTA or RTA?

I am considering branching out into a rebuildable tank. Been fighting it for a long time, I’m lazy and it’s easy to just change a prebuilt coil. Thinking it might be time to give in

I am loving!! the looks of the new Limitless Plus. My concern is that it might be too hot with the coils being at the top. But seems really easy to wick. I am a flavor whore, and like a warm but not hot vape. And also something that is fairly easy to wick, I’m not patient.

I know there are a lot of regulars on here that build. What would you consider your best flavor rta or rdta?


You are going to get a ba’jillion answer. Lol. Just like with mixing you own eliquids it’s somewhat subjective.

I know that I like my aromamizer supreme. Wicking methods are pretty forgiving. Coil choice and build requires practice and decisions and require the right choices to the flavor. But I find it more of a cloud chucker since I have the airflow all the way down. But I do like it.

I do secretly have a kayfun v5 on the way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Vape Mail should have it to me Saturday. Super excited about this one. I hope it will bridge the gap between the existing cloud chuckers and my first love the crown v1.

I do have an avacado 24. But havnt found success with it yet. Others swear by it…so I call it a fiddley B. Wicking is my problem with that one.

You will find a lot of posturing things said about the boress


Moonshot best flavor for me.
BOREAS is good flavor and easier build.
Billow V3 flavor good and build easy


Cool kayfun 5
I been thinking of getting one probably a clone for me though
I have a griffin 25 great clouds flavor
Just kayfun single coil and I think I can build it to get great flavor
Not impressed avacado 24

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You mentioned the Limitless which I was also considering…

I was trying to decide between the Theorem, Avocado, Limitless or Aromamizer v2. I ended up getting the Avocado 22 & 24 and the Aromamizer v2 3ml.

Reason I skipped the other 2:
Theorem- Reviews say the glass breaks very easily…
Limitless- I was concerned about the wicking channels. I may still try one out but those channels reminded me too much of the Griffin which drove me crazy…

The tanks I tried:
Avocado 22- Great little tank, refilling is a PITA though.
Which leads us to the reason I got the 24…

Avocado 24- Awesome Genni tank, bit of a learning curve wicking it but once I stopped stuffing cotton in the juice holes it’s amazing. Just roll the wick tails under the coil and lay them over the juice holes, easy.

Aromamizer v2- Best of all 3 IMHO; machining is well done, super smooth threads and no tiny pieces to accidentally lose like the Avocado has. Flavor is perfect and building was easy. Put a 7 wrap SS, 3mm ID (horizontal) dual coil in it and wicked it perfect on the 1st try. Cut the wicks off flush with the edge of the tank then rolled them under the coil and over the juice holes.


Eciggity just got in the clones two days after I ordered. Lol. I may pick up acouple if I like the authentic. Which I know is backwards. But I can only afford one for the next 6 months. And if I love it a 1:1 clone will do just fine…but I have learned…

Us made and machining is sometimes much better…but we charge a hudge a premium. I have a tobecco velocity v2 clone and I sometimes taste a bit of what they call is 304 stainless steel. For which I may be a bit sensitive to because I can sometimes taste it.

You will Love the Kayfun 5


I’ve been using the avocado 24 for about 2 months and am really enjoying it. I haven’t had any issues other than dropping it and breaking the wide bore drip tip and glass. Thankfully it comes with a replacement glass and a 510 adapter and tip, however I’m stuck waiting for new drip tips and extra glass I ordered from fasttech. I can’t speak for anything I haven’t used, but I was looking at the moonshot and decided against it because of the difficulty of building on that style of deck. I was looking at a limitless rdta as well, and may still get one because of the low price, but my local B&M had the avocado in stock and I hate waiting. The Boreas seems to have a lot of people raving about it as well and is high on my list of future purchases.

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I thought the Kayfun was a MTL tank?

Do you notice a difference in flavor with the genni style and if so, what is the difference?

As far as flavor and ease of use together summed up goes, i would vote Aromamizer. I only had the v1 and getting my supreme on very soon (within the next day or two hopefully) but for new to rebuilding i would not recommend the supreme, has super tiny pins and many pieces etc… But with the V2 it is pretty much same as v1 from what i can tell except they fixed all the things that sucked about v1, (my main issue was the airflow, v1 just has rubber ring… V2 is metal built in like it should have been in the first place :persevere: ) i realllly think you would love the aromamizer v2 to start out building on. From there, skyzzz the limit!
If you wanted to practice building on simple setups with what you may already have, many tanks have RBA coil heads you can get for rather cheap, right now i have subtank mini and tfv4 mini rbas i build on also that i use regularly, but they definitely pale in comparison to what the aromamizer can put out, along with pretty much everything else that has been mentioned here lol.

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I got my hubby the Aromamizer V1 quite a while back, and his has really good flavor. I just don’t like that rubber afc ring at all. I will have to check out the V2, thank you :slight_smile:


That thing was my worst enemy lmao that is my number one favorite improvement they made getting rid of that rubber after thought of an airflow control and building it into it proper. If you have seen the deck on it, it is about as simple as they come, very user friendly velocity style two post. The v2 uses the exact same deck as that v1.


I do think you have a good idea by trying to find a RDTA-RTA as we never know what the future holds.Most tanks on the market now are pretty decent and it isn’t hard to find one that fits your style.
I think the Aromamizer can fit the majority and has good flavor and easy to build and if your only problem is the band I would look at the V2.I love the Boreas but I hate to recommend it as a first as it can be tricky with wicking and it has a bunch of parts but if you can get past that the flavor is second to none IMO.
I haven’t had the Smok TF-RTDA and the TF-RTA G2 a week yet but I have built two of each and I would recommend them as they are economical.I do like the RTDA the best of the two , IMO it is like an improved version of the Aromamizer.Easy to build , wonderful air and juice flow control and because of the sliding cap top fill it isn’t prone to leaking every time you build.Flavor so far has been great but I have a hard time not getting flavor using @Pro_Vapes deep water build on most anything. Flavor IMO can be very good on about any RTDA/RTA/RDA if you are willing to experiment and find what works.
It is just hard to pick anything out for someone else.I think you are on the right track asking opinions.I also like finding one I think I will like and then watching every review I can find on it.We all know they aren’t really going to bash anything but if you pay attention you will see if it is worth the coin.


If your just starting out on your building, i too would recommend the aromamizer v2.
It’s one of the easiest to build and wick, if not THE easiest. Flavour’s great on it too so it’s a win win.
Yes there are better flavour producing rdta’s out there but as many have said, there full of small parts and o rings that make them tricky to work on.
I’ve just ordered a tf rdta because @Whiterose0818 made me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, so I can’t comment on that one yet but that seems very easy to build and mabey be an aromamizer killer. I’ll let you know my thoughts on that one when I’ve put it through it’s paces. :yum:



There is no need for any other RDTA, best one and easy to rebuild.


New Kayfun being delivered via VapeMail


Not really, I get the same flavor strength as I do off any of my RDA’s (Tsunami, Velocity). I just think of it as a dripper with a gas tank :yum:

Flavor-wise, I don’t think it’s possible to make a bad choice among that list of tanks (Theorem, Avocado, Limitless or Aromamizer v2). However, other factors had to be considered…

I like “shorty” tanks, I think they look better and I really don’t need more than 3-4ml but that’s just my style. I was also looking for a tank that would fit my other criteria.

My goal:
Flavor, Flavor, Flavor
Shorty tank
Easy to build/wick, (I use single-wire, round SS 316L, no intricate builds for me)
Easily disassembled (I don’t want 100 little pieces rolling around, my big hands and poor eye-sight are not conducive to fiddling with a bunch of tiny parts I can hardly see :smirk:)
Easy to clean, (Less parts and simple design go a long way)
Durable, (I need something that’s damn near indestructible, this FDA BS has me very concerned so I need something very low maintenance. I can get o-rings and set-screws all-day, every-day at the local hardware store).

There are 2 tanks that fit my goals best. Of this list, the Aromamizer v2 3ml is my top pick (the glass is my only concern for longevity, so I bought a handful of replacement glass, plus each one comes with a spare). The other tank isn’t a tank, it’s the Tsunami RDA and that thing IS indestructible (but I have to carry a little dripper bottle with me)


Yeah, they scare me. Wasted money on a tfv4 mini and after 2 boxes of coils still couldn’t stop it from leaking. Now I don’t want to try any of their stuff. Probably will end up getting the V2, going to wait til August 8th, then make my final decisions based on whats out on the market and reviews.

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I like the shorty style too. I like to change flavors often and they don’t overbalance the single 18650 mods like the heavier ones. Thank you all for your advice!!

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Have you considered an RDA? That’s the way to learn to build IMHO. I highly recommend the Alliance. It has a lot of capacity for a dripper and I haven’t had anything close to it on flavor. I have many tanks and drippers. They mostly just sit there.

I’d strongly advise against the Theorem. YMMV. Best of luck.