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I was planning on ordering a few things, and was wondering around the web when I came across Has anyone had any experience dealing with them, good or bad. There prices look really great, maybe to great. I usually order from Myvaporstore, and have had good luck with them, but there is a huge price difference. I would really appreciate any input you have. Feel free to name somewhere else if you use them. I should say I was looking at Atomizer heads, tanks, and aio units.
Hope I posted this in the right spot.

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I used to shop MFS a lot, but I’ve never considered their prices to be “great”. They’ve always done right by me though. It’s been awhile since I’ve been over there, but I’ve never had a bad experience. Most of my hardware has been purchased through fasttech, some from eciggity, ecig, and vapordna. I usually use to look through prices and then pick one from somewhere I know to be reputable.


That’s a great tip. Do they only list reputable places? I saw both of the places I mentioned there.

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They represent all sorts… I think it just pulls the data. I would always trust everything.

Personally for fear I like eciggity and vapordna

For flavorings this is bull city flavors, nicotine river, and ecigexpress.

There are many more great companies they are the USA based companies I use on a regular basis.

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I remember reading, recently, about MFS having some problems with credit card info being hacked. Protect yourself and do a little research. Better to feel comfortable before leaping in.


I’d say 95% of the sites they list on vapecrawler are above board. There have been some(Vapor Whale to list one I’m familiar with) that are horrible in terms of customer service, getting packages out on time, etc. If I recall correctly, they’ve pulled the worst offenders. Also-you can refine the selection to exclude vendors from China, Canada the Netherlands or the U.S., depending on your shopping preference or geographical location. Just click on the radio buttons under the searchbar to select/deselect what regions to exclude/include(I think it pulls from all regions as a default)

2 Likes (really fast to ship) (really fast to ship) (about 10 - 14 days arrival time) (about 10 days) (fast to ship) (about 10 - 21 days arrival time)

These are my “go-to” vendors. They’ve always done right by me. There are more that are good but I don’t use them as often. was a favorite but I haven’t purchased anything since the ownership change. MFS can be good, but they have had some pricing issues in the past and I wait until they have a REALLY good sale before I buy anything - shipping time is fast.

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I’ve had excellent luck with MFS, a whole lot better than My Vapor Store. I’ll never shop there again. They sent the wrong coils to me and the only way they’d replace them is if I paid the postage. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay to fix their mistae.