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Green Monkey Mimo Kit and I'm stumped


The Mimo Kit that I won from efun.top arrived today and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.
Contrary to what it says on the various websites that sell them, it does not come with a manual.
I have literally no clue, the only thing I understand is the fire button.

I will include a link to a website with very good pictures of the thing and you tell me

The black top you can unscrew and contains some rubber cup??? :confused:

The pin at the bottom that you can take out, utterly :confused:

What do I do with the ceramic coil? Do I have to put cotton on top of it and how much?
As far as I can tell, the liquid has to be put straight into the chamber of the coil. It looks like the glass part of the tank is just for decoration.

I haven’t come across a single review so far and I don’t want to rush it and try things out randomly and ruin the thing before I get the chance to try it out. I was looking forward to trying out my first ceramic coil.

Am I missing something here?


Looks more like a dry herb vaporiser. As I seem to remember you are in Amsterdam, you should have no problem finding the right kind of dried lettuce for it :wink:


Perhaps for wax?


It’s not advertised as such but if it is, it would make me quite happy :smiley:

I certainly hope not :scream: It would be useless to me.


Perhaps the gang in CBD threads could help


You could name it Bunky the Funky Monkey and put it on the coffee table for a conversation piece. Use it to heat tofu! Small amounts of tofu. Like a teaspoon full of tofu.


that unit looks like its for wax…shatter or rosin…pics are not clear enough to see …but its definitly for thc concentrates…hope this helps…this is shatter…https://www.cannabistherapy.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/cannabis-shatter.jpe .u would break off a piece an put on the ceramic coil an vape


Lettuce ?¿ I much rather use cabbage. Nice,crisp & taste is phenomenal. Lol


With the right kind of lettuce, sure. The wrong kind of lettuce will get you sleepy or sick and lavender will send you to the hospital, I have heard.

Obligatory kazoo scene


Good lord, I’m not that adventurous :nauseated_face:

Maybe @andycolins has a clue as how to work this weird thing :slightly_smiling_face:


I won one of these also, I haven’t got it yet. I believe it’s still a few days out but if I can figure it out I’ll explain. I was hoping I could find an answer because since I knew I won I’ve been searching the web for an explanation to its use but have yet been stumped.


Definetely a wax vaporizor, it appears to be a lot like a rda, you would put your wax (marijuana concentrate) in the little cup, suppose you could try e-juice but i think it might spit.


It’s what @Cloudydaze says, I haven’t used wax but dry herb works :grinning:

I got video’s on wild animals when I searched but it being a device for the evil weed does explain why there’s no info on the web. :sweat_smile:


Ok I received my prize the green monkey Mimo kit. And for some reason they sent me two of them. So now I’m confused times two. If it’s for wax or shatter why would the little cup be put in upside down? Also there is a little white plastic square on the bottom, is that the coil? This is all very confusing so if anyone can direct me to a video or step by step pics. Also I’m in Illinois so no wax available so if any of my free state brothers or sisters want to send a brother some wax so I can try it out I’ll take it. I got back problems from a fracture and fusion so I’ve been wanting to try the wax for pain killing ability. Send me some wax and I’ll s nd you my extra green monkey Mimo kit. Then you can do a video showing me how to use it. Anyway if someone can direct me to a video or written step by step I’d like to know how it works just in case I ever get to Colorado. Thanks


That’s the ceramic coil. I have not used it with wax but crumbled some weed in there and that works.
As for video’s, there’s no info on line that I have found.


I live in Washington and trust me when I say that that is strictly to use concentrates from cannabis also called dabs or wax or shatter or live resin you could even use distillate but that one is not for dry herb you’ll cause the coil to burn out if it’s not fully emerged in the wax.the little screw cap contains a silicone cup that you can keep extra wax in being that you only usually dab and heater to on at a time which you can use the little tool inserted at the bottom of the device to scoop out some of your concentrate from said silicone cup. The little white square is ceramic infused with a wire that meet the positive and negative connections.