Green tea and honey

Hey guys, I just tried modifying a couple Green Tea/Honey/Lemon recipes on here using all TFA flavors. Has anyone used these and does steeping help these flavors? Its not that good of a SNV.

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Honey (TPA) is one of the least liked flavorings that i have read about over the years and with good reason, it smells like cat pee. Honey (FA), Honey Bee (FLV) or Honey Extract (Real Flavors) are all MUCH better choices.

Wish i could help on the others but i dont have either of them.


…and Jasmine

The green tea I can tell you tell you from experience will most definitely get stronger. The honey I’ve heard nothing but bad things about. Lemon in general will get weaker with time. I’ve used TPA lemon, but not recently and not with tea (that I can remember) so I can’t help there. Give it some time and see if it comes around.

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OK, thanks for the help. The lemon was weak but the tea strong already. The honey was interesting and the wife liked it. We’ll see what happens

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All the Teas are tricky, little dab will do. Honey - well like they say. Yuck! Sweeten with Marshmallow. Lemon Sicily is the best lemon. (My preference)

Tea flavors are the very strong flavors for ever and other side honey flavors is the most sweetest flavors ever. When both are combine in e liquid, i think this is the most sweet-able flavor for ever. I love it to test it.:slight_smile:

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