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Greetings and salutations


Hello all! Just signed up after @Letitia was kind enough to send me a care package of nic and flavors.

Approaching my 1yr vaping anniversary and like most started as a way to quit smoking. In the past year I’ve not only managed to give up the stinkies but I’ve also discovered a hobby that I really enjoy. Started with subohm tanks and a smok v-8 stick and have moved on to RDAs, RTAs, mechs, squonkers, and recently MTL setups.

I know less than nothing about making my own juice and want to apologize in advance for the stupid questions that I’ll be asking.


Welcome sweetie. Glad you made it over, great bunch here.:kissing_heart:


Thanks! Hopefully they are as patient as you


They were with me.


Welcome @Walter_Sobchak🍻


Do you live in the US?
Do you have a scale?
Have you ever looked at the http://e-liquid-recipes.com web site?
be prepared to have much more fun in your not so new hobby :smile:

If you live in the US you can get free syringes at walmart
If you have a scale that reads 0.01gm you wont need syringes.
The recipe side http://e-liquid-recipes.com is the tool to make your own e-liquid
You will have lots of fun and $save big bucks as you continue here with your hobby :smile:


Welcome to our madness, @Walter_Sobchak !

There’s a TON of information here on ELR. Might want to read a bit in the ‘Beginners’ category to start off. But, it can get overwhelming, so…

There are no ‘stupid’ questions. Except the ones you don’t ask.


Welcome aboard


Welcome to the rabbit hole. Watch your step, the first one’s a lulu.
Conga-rats on your 1 yr anniversary!


Welcome! I hope your DIY journey is a pleasant one. There are some great people here to help you along the way.


Welcome and glad you joined.
You should see some of my dumb answers.


Welcome to the forum. Your experience with rebuildables and other gear might be helpful to the community, so look around and feel free to join in.

I wish that I had come here and asked lots of stupid questions before I started mixing juice. It would have saved me a fair wack of grief and money. There’s a learning curve and lots of people here enjoy helping so don’t be shy.

Good luck


Welcome @Walter_Sobchak ! The people here accept you with open arm. I’ve been a part of a few forums before but nothing compares to the willingness to help, friendship, fun and laughter that you get here at ELR.
There are some great topics on mixing for newbies (like myself) so those are a great help. But trial and error is still a fun thing to do also. Have fun and see you around,


Many thanks! I’m looking forward to getting started.


Yes, I live in the US. Indiana
Just ordered an American Weigh Scales LB-501 and it should be here Monday.
I’ve visited the ELR site but haven’t yet dove in.
Wasn’t aware of the free syringes from Walmart. Many thanks for the info
Looking forward to saving $. The less I spend on store bought juice the more I have to spend on vape gear


Thanks to all for the many welcomes and encouraging words.


Welcome @Walter_Sobchak pleased to meet you.
I’m sorry but I have to tell you that this DIY thing gets a little like shinyitis, there is always a need for more flavours. It has been described as a rabbit hole.
Having said that it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on :smile::dash::dash::dash:


You mix with clothes on?


Clothes on or clothes off is perfectly fine @woftam just as long as one doesn’t mix in their “budgie smugglers”. Some things are just not acceptable :roll_eyes:

While I’m here, welcome @Walter_Sobchak. You’ll love this place. All the best…:+1:


Welcome here, If you look you will find all the Resources you need to guide you along your journey.