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Greetings from HiLIQ (Professional Nic solutions manufacturer & Supplier)

Morning everybody from ELR(E-liquid recipes).

HiLIQ is joining the list of other valuable vendors already in this forum in order to assist the community of vapers here.

We provide one stop solutions for all the DIY needs from Nic base(0 to 100 mg/ml), flavors concentrates, cooling agent and accessories.

We also provide support for all regarding nicotine handling, storage and tips on how to properly dispose.

We hope coming here will bring a plus to all the the community.

Here is 10% OFF coupon code: hiliqelr

I go by the name of Marc and you can reach me anytime at marc.li@hiliq.com


Thanks for the discount code and glad your here!


Welcome to ELR Marc - i’m a HiLIQ fan since it’s where i got my first DIY kit - so glad to see you here, we can reach you guys quicker with questions…

and thanks for the discount - though i was looking for a 15% :slight_smile: but it’s a good start :slight_smile:



Since this week will be crazy and I won’t be able to do research can you tell me more?

Like location? History (how long have you been in business)? Where you are able to ship to? Ect?

This info will help catch my attention.


Is there a link to the web site?


Thank you for the support and we have noted the recommendation and we hope together we will get there soon!

Thanks again for taking time to leave us a comment. as for your information, we are located in Shanghai and the team behind HiLIQ has 10 years experience in the field of ecig/vaping market but HiLIQ itself as a legal established company has only 5 years existence. we ship to more than 165 countries( USA, Canada, most European and Asia pacific countries, middle east and Africa) around the world by EMS, FedEx and DHL express delivery. the delivery time between 3 to 5 working days generally.
Please let me know if you need further assistance and inquiries.


You can find us here:HiLIQ Global


Welcome to ELR, HiLIQ. We have had a few conversations on reddit tho im sure you wouldnt remember, /u/To0nMaN.

We have a pretty wonderful family here, glad that you could join us.


Thank you @Ken_O_Where glad to be here! on reddit you might have had communication with Ryan:)

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Good to know and nice to meet you, Marc. I suggested he come by here a few months ago in a reddit post, nice to see someone has.


Ryan seems to have his hands full with the Aussie forum now :slight_smile:i see competitions, activities, and a lot of excitements happening there … looking forward to some of that @HiLIQ Marc :):slight_smile:

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FYI, i’m enjoying a vape of a simple mix of HiLIQ Mango Sorbet + Pineapple. smooth and fantastic.
The Mango Sorbet flavor (not the pre-mixed juice) is a top fav and goes well with so many other fruits

(this as i work on my 3rd attempt to clone the Kilo Kiberry Yogurt :smile: o) - wish me luck! )

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Stop it I’m already checking out the website! I love mango and pineapple! I want to place an order but the price on shipping has kind put a halt to that for me at the moment. I’ll definitely revisit that though but probably next month.

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Marc @HiLIQ, can you provide some guidance about mixing with HiLIQ flavors, maybe the more popular few - since there’s limited “Notes” here in ELR on HiLIQ flavors

i see there’s a simple guide of 8 / 10 / 12 on Hiliq.com for varying strength of single-flavor mixes. would it be possible to share some popular or easy recipes that combine 2-4 HiLIQ flavors that your specialists recommend for our education? i would be very interested in recipes with Yogurt or Honey (or both combined ) as i’m finding it a bit tricky to use these 2

also are there any plans to bring the flavor prices further in line with existing flavor vendors range? it seems there’s a gap that is not fully justified (HiLIQ’s 10ML is maybe 50% more than TPA’s 15ML) especially when your flavors are not as known as the other vendors
hope not asking for too much, cheers and thanks for your help


Hey Thank you for the continuous advice and suggestion. Sorry for the late reply, i was out of office for the last past days.

Yes we will bring you more excitement and activities soon and hope we will all the community together.

I will prepare some recipes from our flavour specialist as requested and will share it here ASAP!

Regarding the pricing i will update my managers and get back to you on that!

Good to be back :slight_smile:


One Topic for consideration to all members of ELR.

With the new regulations beeing put into effect in many area in the world. Many customers are worried about the shortage or difficulties they will face in the future for their nicotine bases and at what price?

What is the solution? store big quantities or just buy the necesary to enjoy a nicotine as fresh as possible?

*I personnally would rather vape a fresh ones.

What you guys think?


I’ll do whatever to Vape the freshest possible nicotin possible. However if needed I’ll continue to stock pile liter by liter until no more space or wife threatens with divorce. Love the option to buy higher strength nic if necessary.


@HiLIQ … Just curious; from what region/location is your product shipped?

I have been considering purchasing your 99.99% pure nicotine for a while now, but I need to know if the ship cost is prohibitive.


@Ggrhauling Haha i feel you! well let’s hope it does not come to that. As for the personal use i would suggest strong(100mg) but not higher strength. as it is more easy and safe to process it at home than the purest one.
On a customer sight i can understand the necessity of making stock and on a professional sight it is up to us to find a way to deliver the most fresh product to our customer.
@Kinnikinnick all our shipment is made from Shanghai and we use express delivery(Fedex, Dhl, EMS) to make sure that our clients receive the highest quality of our product as you know that so many factors play a big effect on it(storage, shipping time, air, temperature, container, bases) you can see our experiment here: http://blog.hiliq.com/factors-involved-in-nicotine-discoloration/

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