Gremilin Juice entering the DIY supply market

From Reddit:

As it says, the new site is at

I am still waiting for the merchant account to activate, we are expecting Monday at some time. Also, my rep for FlavourArt took last week off on vacation, so they are the final holdout on our initial order. (It’s a Canadian holiday Monday, so they won’t even process the order until Tuesday… Don’t expect to see it delivered in time for next weekend, but I’m crossing my fingers they rush it for us)

So, today, you can see what’s there and how it all looks, you just can’t purchase anything yet or even make an account.

I’m still looking for errors on the site, or default text on pages that I didn’t catch yet, so if you see anything out of place or just wrong, let me know and I’ll get it fixed.

They have always sold quality custards and are a popular vendor on reddit for their liquids.


Welcome back. :smile:

The site looks really nice. I’m interested in keeping up with them and seeing how they develop. Their prices aren’t amazing, but they’re not awful either. If they sold Inawera they’d give BCV a run for their money as the one stop shop. :wink:

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That’s very smart business… to enter the diy market. The FDA Regulations shouldn’t have much impact on flavorings. Sound like it’s the premade eliquid they’re after. Once that happens DIY will explode. I wish much success my friend.

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Wait…is this your store @Ken_O_Where? I was under the impression it was someone that you knew from reddit.

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Not mine, hehe. They are a pretty big reddit vendor who makes some excellent custards. Their pretty arent awesome, as you said, but their customer service is always incredible.

Thanks for the WB, i slept for sooooooooo many hours i feel im ready to run a marathon, or watch one on TV. :smile: