Gremlin diy goes above and beyond

My favorite flavor concentraye supplier is definetly gremlin diy already i order every week almost and i have never had any leaking ar problems always get what i paid for. This week i only ordered $15 worth of stuff and the day after i ordered i e mailed them that i was wondering if they could send me some extra stickers amd they sent me a bunch of stickers and a cool vape bag. Thanks again and if you arent buying concentrates from them then you i pay the same from gremlin as i do from flavorah and or real flavors matter of fact they have pretty close to the lowest prices available. Not to mention the biggest and best part they havr great service. I have made probably 15 orders in thr last 6 months and not one leak or one mistake aleays full clean sealed bottles and its always fresh i am sure we all have gotten a bottle of concentrate that looks different maybe a little old well never with the gremlin and now they go avove and beyond with the extras i just wanted a couple free stickers and they gave me forty and a cool bag all with a $15 order. I do normally order $40 a week but not this week. Oh and i enjoy that every order i have ever gotten comes with a hand written thank you note. Thanks again for the free stuff and thanks the most fir just being a placr that has everytging and if they dont hace it and you ask for it they will buy it i have had them do that for me as well.



I usually get a sticker too but they stick it on the inside of the box. Heh no problem I took a blowdryer …heated it up for a second and peeled it right off the cardboard. Now it’s on one of my Flavor boxes :wink: Not to get off-topic… I posted this previously. I made three orders in one day Nic River, Bull City Flavors and Gremlin DIY. I received my Gremlin order 2 days before the others (same shipping option) and like you said everything was tight and right.


I did read the post your talking about thats what made me think to ask for extra stickers i have gotten a few that were not stuck to the box but almost all have been and i have bern in communication a few times on facebook and instagram just to thank them so i just e mailed them and asked and i would have been happy with 2 but i got 24 and a bag. I just thought it was pretty cool. I do use nicotine river also and they are on point but they use fed ex with there free shipping and like you said it takes 5 days evey time from the day shipped and gremlin takes 3 and i live in vermont so i am across the country from both. I use nicotine river for my nicotine and vg and pg if gremlin sold gallons of vg i would get that there too. But from talking with them they wont ever sell nicotine because as of now all there stuff could be used for something else wink wink fda. But thats ok i have a gallon of 100mg nicotine in my freezer just so the fda cant mess with my bottom line lol.


The Gremlins are always my first stop, if they have it i look no further. BTW, if they dont have a flavor that you want you can shoot them a message asking to get it in stock. Rich is |33T!



i just looked at their site for the first time and they have 5ml bottles thats cool for sampling , does everything come in a 5ml option or just the more potent concentates

I believe its most of there stuff and i like the plastic they use in there 30ml bottles not that stiff cheap nicotine river plastic bottle i save them for myself. They are haveing a 15% off coupon code for veterans day and i typed an older code in for 5% off and they notified me on facebook of all places that they were going to update my order and give me the extra 10% off i said i already paid so suprise me with a small bottle of your choice i told them i like surprises and i am sure like always they will make me happy. They just suprise me more and more very personalized service with zero problems. There is really no cons with using gremlin diy price check quality check fastest shipping for the price check personalized notes with every order check amd then they throw in extras. Definetly cant go wrong here i forget whst the code is obviously i didnt use the right one but it is up om there facebook page.


ya i like the the softwr bottles like ecx uses as well

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