Gremlin DIY Halloween Sale

Hi all! Sorry I’m such a stranger around these parts. I do try to stop by now and then and just lurk as I learn your community.
I did want to drop in and let you know that there is a 15% sale going on now through Monday, Sept 5th.
Use coupon code ELR to get that savings.
I hope to see you there. ~ Rich

EDIT: - ( Thank you Samsound! )


I realize I could just Google it, but it’s a good idea to include your URL, as well. :slight_smile:


@Gremlin_Juice Check your PM’s please sir! :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Also, FWIW, anyone who’s NOT ordered from the Gremlins before… I can highly recommend them!! Great team, with a history of community involvement, and becoming more active in ours as well!

I’ve only had 3 orders with them so far, but it’s always been nothing short of great service, well packed, and speedy delivery/processing! =)

Have no fear here!

Is gremlin juice a brand for it self? If so, what can you say about them in general? How potent are they compared to FA, INW and TFA? And does it cost a fortune for shipping to Norway? Great catalouge

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Hey, Rich (@Gremlin_Juice), you guys are seriously amazing. I placed my order the day you posted the sale with a couple questions, one being about SOHO, /u/To0nMaN. Not only did you fix the SOHO issue quickly but my order shipped yesterday, i expected it to ship after the weekend…

I really appreciate how far you and your employees go to take care of us customers. If anyone has been on the fence about trying out the gremlins jump right in.

They are their juice concentrates and i just realized that i forgot to order one that ive been wanting to try.


I am very fond of their Vanilla Overload , haven’t tried the rest.
@norwegianvaper , they sell the other concentrates as well.I know they have Flavorah , Real Flavors as well as the ones you mentioned.
Here is some info on the Gremlin branded concentrates.


That there is the one i forgot to order so i can try your Nonna’s Custard.


@Ken_O_Where , P.M. sent.

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Well, thank you very much to both of ya BoyHowdy and Ken_O_Where

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like I really needed more flavors…


I received my 1st order from Gremlin DIY yesterday. I’m definitely impressed that I ordered on Friday before the holiday weekend, and it arrived yesterday, the day after the Federal holiday. Very fast processing. My flavors were well packaged in bubble wrap, with no leaks or drips of any kind. Nice job. They even included a sticker! Though, maybe next time leave it on the backing film, rather than sticking it to the inside of the box. That way I can stick it on the outside of my vape gear for some free advertising. :grin:

Edit: I also like that they have 5mL sizes, AND they come in squeeze bottles. This is great for working on new recipes, where you may not be totally sure if the flavors you’re ordering are exactly what you’re looking for. Probably less important to mixers that already have a large stash of flavors, but it helps ME.



I’ve shared the same sentiment since my very first order! Sadly, didn’t think to mention that to the head Gremlin in my last pm. Glad you brought it up!

On one of my orders I asked if they had any stickers laying around.They included several Gremlin DIY stickers and a few other juice/nic/vape companies with my order :sunglasses:


You beat the rush! My Monday order is still “awaiting fulfillment”.

Woot it’s here. Heh, the bag smells fantastic!

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Gremlin diy is a great flavoring distributor. I use them all the time they are great never any problems and I have ordered from them atliest 10 times and always a fast shipment and and never a probl

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Eveery other order it seems they send extra stickers

Gremlin diy is also a juice company gtremlin juice there concentrates are there juice lines concentrates they are normally a 15% mix ratio but they are a juice in one. They were coincidentally the juice I quit smoking with

Thank you so much. Hope they are available in Europe, otherwise the shipping fee will take it’s turn on my thin wallet.
Do you have a suggestion for a flavor that could overpower lemon taste? I have made 40 mls of Lemon dream Cream, a all in one flavor. Unfortunately the Lemon was just not for me. So I thinking about making a new 40 mls batch with something that can neutralize or dim the lemon flavor and then blend the two batches together.
I like strawberry custards, Unicorm milk, Grants vanilla custard and now vaping a wonderful Peach Berry blend I find on among all the recipes her on ELR

Hi Everyone! I didn’t want to forget you this time! Halloween is, after all, our favorite holiday!

Coupon Code “boo” is good for 15% off and is good through midnight on the 31st

I hope y’all have a great holiday weekend!