Gremlin Flavors Concentrates

Has any tried any of the Gremlin flavorings, and if so how were they? I only found 1-2 comments in the database, unless I missed something when I searched the forum?

Any reviews are sincerely appreciated!


Only the Vanilla Overload , I do love the flavor but it will overtake a mix if you are not careful.I would love to hear any thoughts about the Butter Pecan Ice Cream flavor called Dryad.


I was looking at that one too. A couple looked interesting, but I’m wondering if it’s worth the money. $4.50 for a 15ml with a recommended percentage of 15-20% seems a bit high.

Just like everyone else, I’m so tired of spending money on flavors that aren’t worth it or are over hyped in some cases :frowning:

Dare I say I’m becoming jaded :eyes:


I have Vanilla Overload and love it typically use it 1-2% in a mix and it does fine.

Pixie Dust- Strawberry custard the SB in this mix reminds me of Capella’s SB n Cream it has it’s smell to it very faintly but as far as taste it doesn’t really it’s more of a traditionally semi sweet berry on a SnV.

White Gremlin- Really nice berry mixture with white cake, a little light as a SnV at 7.50% I’ll see how it steeps. I really liked adding pixie dust GJ at about 2.50-3% to it. The Custard in the pixie dust seem to bring out the white frosting in the cake more. 8% Single mix was enough for me.

red white and blue - Strawberry Vanilla and Blueberries but the BBs seem to be the weakest part about it. Decent mixer I’d keep it under 5% seems like most of their mixes for DIY do better lower when not using as a stand alone. Did not try as a SA.

Berry Overload - this one does overtake mixes easily dark and red berries I don’t like it too high, only as a mixer.

I’d like to get more of them !

@MysticRose I feel ya I only buy the 5 ml testers and if I decide I am in love w/ them then I’ll buy the larger next go around. There’s a few I’ve bought again and some are just so so like the berry overload I won’t buy again and the red white and blue eh Its just ok.


Thank you very much!!! That helps.

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Anytime !!!

I have the Chocolate Overload and it pairs really well with the Chocolate Fudge Brownie (CAP) …to bring down the cakeyness and boost the chocolate


Thanks for a great post! Very helpful.

Also, I got a 5ml of the vanilla overload in my last order from them, just haven’t had time to try it yet.
Anything you can share about the profile would be appreciated!


I get a sweet vanilla almost like a frosting quality out of it typically use it around 1-2% w/ bakeries and it turns out great. Off the bottle smells like a Madagascar vanilla w/ some additional spice those I don’t pick up on maybe @BoyHowdy can state whether he’s had the spice show up. For me it’s more fluffy vanilla cream that’s sweet like a frosting.


@Sprkslfly , I do love the flavor but I have learned to never make more than I can use up within a couple of months until I see how it reacts with the mix.I have had it overtake a mix ,it almost makes me think it is made out of an true vanilla extract.I have started reducing my percentages when using it down to around 2.0% and may go even lower.I started out using 3.0% and it was great but again it would overtake several of my mixes.
I do love the flavor though and @Amy2 has described it perfectly as it has an almost Vanilla frosting quality.I like it paired with most bakeries including Nonna’s Cake as well as a Vanilla Custard.
Good Luck and let us know what you come up with please.


@Amy2 & @BoyHowdy
Much appreciated you two! Your description sounds right up my alley! Will have to move that much closer to the front of the cue. =)