Griffin 25 coil

I’m new to wicking my own decks, usually had smok and vaperesso stick coils, when changing the coils on the griffin 25 I place the coil legs in so it sits top right bottom left vicaversa but the coil itself is not straight always on a angle, will this affect it in anyway. I’m using it and it’s working but just looks odd as it sits at odd angle i.e. Not straight across the deck.

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I use a bar (the one you make your coil with or one of the same inside diameter) to level the coil out to horizontal after tightening the screws down. Often when tightening the screws if you don’t have a bar in the coil, the coils will try and bend or twist, so normally I’ll just keep the bar in the coil until after I’ve completed the whole installation process.


I do the same as tut. Especially with smaller wire gauges they will tend to warp. Always stick my wrapping post inside the coil and pull it out to straighten it up. Will it affect your vape? Only in the sense of the closer your cool is to the airflow the better flavor you will have. But the difference is minimal in my experience.