Griffin 25 PLUS Build

This is a quick Tutorial To learn how to Build The Griffin 25 PLUS RTA (Dual Coils). hope it helps somebody :slight_smile:


The griffin plus is an awesome rta. a bit of a learning curve for wicking, but still a phenomenal tank.


I got one about a week ago and it’s the easiest rta I have to wick, there’s zero learning curve for it.

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It was the first RTA I ever bought and it was about a 3 week learning curve for me. Every RTA after that was easy to wick though.

The 25 or the 25 plus?. I don’t know how you couldn’t wick it correctly lol.

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I shouldn’t have said that. Mines guaranteed to start spewing juice everywhere now.


Ahh, the 25 top and bottom airflow. Don’t have a plus.

I would say that the amount of cotton used in the video, is a bit on the low side.

Anyways I have the G25+ and the first 20 times I wicked it, it was right on, but suddenly I lost my wicking skills, and the last 3 times it has been drooling like a baby. :confused:
Im giving it a rest for a while.


That’s odd. Might not be down to your wicking. Check all your o-ring.

I know. ill get back to it at some point. For now im vaping the G22. The chamber is smaller and the flavor is intense. I find the flavor on the G25 a bit airy…

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Anyone else having issues with it leaking when using the top airflow?

I have the 25 plus and never had any leaking.

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no leaking at all for me

I dont use the top airflow cap it comes with. I use the other one without the top air flow. As for wicking this thing, I wick it exactly like I do any RDA I have and I have never had any leaking or dry hit issues. It is by far my favorite tank to date. The flavor is a bit airy and the draw is a lil looser then I like but to compensate, I just turn my wattage up from 65 to 75 and its all good from there.


it is an amazing tank.

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No leaking here. Not even condensation from after vape. I like it with all air valves wide open. The thing is a performer. Amazing flavor with a simple two coil, eight wrap, 3mm, SS26 @ .275Ω. I hit it with a modest 60W.


yeah i wick this tank also like My RDA … very simple very easy