Guidance on posting in Discounts and Deals, please?

Here’s my thoughts, and I hope you’ll understand at least a bit more…

Most of the folks who’ve been on ELR for a while, tend to use (and rely on) the TRACKING function for threads (inherent in the Discourse software). This way, you don’t have to wade through a ton of “useless threads” (as you imply).

Let’s stick to strictly flavors for an example.
Let’s say I need to put an order together, and I have several different brands on the list.

I’m not going to willingly wade through 8-10 different threads just to find the deals I need/want/can make use of, because those threads may, or not have been updated. (Historically speaking, they’re not). So actively searching those threads is a waste of time because unless the code is a “perma-code” (in which case, they’re very useful), it’s likely already expired. Which brings us back to the “Good Deals 2018” thread.

Typically, it’s understood, that the “Good Deals 2018” thread is the primary thread intended for those passing (read as: temporary) deals, that come and go throughout the year*.

If you enable the TRACKING option (the toggle option for the thread, found at the end of the thread) then every time a temporary deal is posted, you’re alerted to the fact. This is the way most use it IME. You are notified the instant someone posts something, and get the best chance of getting the deal, since you otherwise wouldn’t know.

To me, the other threads in that sub section, are more for semi-permanent codes, and/or additional discussion of the terms, conditions, experiences with the product or vendor, etc. Temporary codes are frequently missed if they don’t get posted in the “Good Deals 2018” thread.
Which is why, when I run across them, I cross post (or link the original poster’s comment noting the sale) to the Good Deals thread.
I find this happens more in the general threads than the deals section though… But regardless, if you want to be thread specific, please feel free to do so! I would also ask, that you kindly post them on the Good Deals thread too if you really want them to be seen by the maximum number of people.

I think of the Good Deals thread as an RSS feed (always current), and the rest of those threads (in the deals and discounts) as archived data, that still is worth accessing once in awhile. :wink:

  • = please note, special holidays will always have their own dedicated thread in addition to, and separate from the Good Deals thread, because quite often, deals have, and will crop up during those sometimes localized holidays that are still suited for everyone, but have nothing to do with the holiday. Those still belong in the Good Deals thread, so they don’t get lost among the holiday sales. (Again, historically speaking)

I probably would have merged them also, but in the future if it is a specific discount that would be really helpful, we could always just let it stay up there for the discount period and delete it later, I mean that could work. Just have it around 5 days, or however long the code applies. Might work for everybody :slight_smile:️.

Could set a ‘delete by’ date on the bottom of post.


Forums are a living breathing entity. And sometimes it’s obvious how the majority feel, and have decided how they want to make use of it. This is kind of one of those cases. :wink:

You’re not right or wrong with your notion about things. But the reality of the situation is what it is (not to put too fine a point on it).

Your choice is to work within the preexisting operations, or try to adhere to your interpretation of what should be done. It all comes down to what you want to do. No one can change that. But, at the same time, most seem to be happy with the way it’s working…/shrugs


Thank you, for putting so much time into explaining all that. Bound to be helpful for some folk :slight_smile: TBH, I’ve never thought to use the tracking funtion for that thread, nor will I use it now, cos seems to me it would throw up too much intrusive “spam” (for want of a better word) , though i do have tracking on quite a number of other threads. I guess I just don’t care about special offers that much…unless it’s something I generally buy. But hey! I’m beginning to see that i’m in the minority here, so no biggie.

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Sounds like a great idea to me, if it’s not too much trouble? Hmmm, Looks like we could use an automatic “delete by” function, eh, @daath ? (but don’t wanna give you too much work , instead :S )

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Let’s change the way the deals and coupons section works because one single person on the planet decided it wasn’t proper enough. Sounds like a plan to me.

Seriously, after post #2 why has there been any reason to suggest change? Sure, I fed it, but only to buttress the staff’s stated explanation. Regardless of how well the point was made, the debate continued. But continuing to prod and poke for the sake of asserting one’s will doesn’t mean any action is warranted. Everyone else -like seriously, everyone else- understands and abides this practice. Why are we considering modification? Does staff not have enough on their plates already without making an unneeded and unimportant change?


id have to agree with chris here , a mf flaves are imo a speciality flavor , one that not many people care to try based on price so if MF is having a deal i think posting it in a existing MF thread is a smart place to post , i also think if its under the deals and discount section ot should be allowed but the OP should contact a moderator and let them know this is a great deal and im going to post it could you please put a time limit on it and im sure that would be acceptable ?


i should have read this b4 i posted


i have to disagree with this , at least in this situation here why , i dont check the good deals thread often but would love to know about a 17pct discount on MF flaves for those that buy these flaves its a huge savings so a thread dedicated to this with a expired time makes sense to me


Can I ask 2 questions? Why are you talking to her like this? And why are you taking it upon yourself to speak for all of ELR?


Might I request we close this thread. I believe the question has been asked and answered.


Don’t ask me…I’m not a moderator. But I agree it should be closed. Still, I’m more than happy to have those questions answered by PM or courier. They’re good questions.

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Good questions that perhaps a moderator could justify asking. I’ve no need to go any further with this thread; it’s been played out.

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I can say the same about these…

I would rather moderators ask the questions I ask of you. But they’re not. So I ask hoping you’d answer directly. I thought about asking you these things in a PM, but then I thought differently seeing how talking down to jay210 is being done (and not only by you) in the public forums. But I get why you won’t answer. As for quote# 2 here, “we” aren’t considering anything.

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Those questions cited were asked in the context of the thread. You’re asking your questions to satisfy a personal curiosity. I don’t indulge that when not necessary.

I know that your style is to bully and attempt to belittle those you disagree with, and it’s served you well in some cases, but that’s not effective with me. You, like this forum, are a resource. Your mixing experience has been of value to me and I’m glad to have access to it. As for attempting to intimidate me, it isn’t possible. I don’t have the sort of ego or psyche that succumbs to such pressure, nor do I feel the need to make everyone ‘like me’ or feel the need to be ‘the most righteous’. A debate in a thread happened, and it’s run its’ course. On with life. I don’t set out to offend, but don’t apologize for healthy debate either. Hope you understand; I just won’t engage in a whizzing contest with you over this.


I think this case is closed. Move on my friends… there’s nothing more to see here.