Gummy Flavors and Crawlie Tuesday

Hey champions

I tested the crawlie tuesday of 7daze and I love it so much, anyone know how can I get clone recipe for this?
Or anyone close to this recipe

Thanks for all helpers

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Flavor profile? Link?

Crawlie Tuesday E Liquid by Vape 7 Daze features your favorite sour gummy candies all in one beautifully brewed delicious vape! Each inhale gives you sour notes of sour gummy candy, with a strong candy taste. The exhale is a smooth and sweet finish that lingers. The flavor profile is deliciously rich, tasteful, and keeps your mouth coming back for more. If you’re a candy lover and also a sour lover, you’ll be sure to have the Crawlie Tuesday E Liquid in your juice lineup.

Doesnt give much away gummy candy and sour @pinisalman what other flavors are you getting if you can single them out.

I have a gummy candy and sour mix but without knowing the fruits it is not much use

5% Gummy Candy (TPA)
0.5% Sour (TPA)
1% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
2% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)
5% Watermelon Candy (TPA)


You are amazing
You are the bast!!!

You think maybe have a lemon juice inside or something because I think I feel some lemon

What do you think?

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Don’t know havent tasted it lol but you could add in 1% lemon lime (cap) which will make the strawberry pop a little more but you will have to play with % to suit your taste.

Real Flavors has a really nice sour gummy flavor which goes well with watermelon and strawberry.

But this is something you will have to play with - making a clone is not an easy thing to do - expect to make many many mixes before getting close.


And its taste like sour gummy worms I think, I’m confused,
I gonna try to do something

Thank you very much

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Hey guys
I want to share with you my final recipe for my clone of crawlie tuesday
Tell me what do you think and what flavor I need to add or remove to be closer to the original taste

Apple (TPA) 0.5%
Bubblegum (Juicy Style) (TPA) 0.5%
Gummy Candy (TPA) 1.5%
Jelly Candy (CAP) 1.5%
Juicy Orange (CAP) 0.5%
Lemon Sicily (FA) 2.5%
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA) 1%
RF Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 0.5%
Sour (TPA) 0.5%
Sweet and Tart (TPA) 1%
Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW) 1%

Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Flavor total: 6.6 ml / 6.6g (11%)

Thanks for helping

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hey woftam

I figure the taste of the crawlie but im not sure about the dominant taste its some sweet of something
can you tell me what is this flavor?
im almost there but Im missing something

thank you

Sorry I have no Idea - have not tasted the original juice

What sweeteners do you have on hand? There are a few out there and they have different properties. I myself am trying to get a good gummy profile and find that I have trouble getting a good concentrate for it. I’m sure the type of sweetener plays a big role.

Hey pentine
I have the Ecigexpress and the TPA sweetener

Did you try the crawlie tuesday?

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I have not, but I have tried Wonder Worm and it too has the most gummy-like taste I have ever tried. I’m chasing the gummy train with ya! I have yet to find something that makes it taste so real, but I will find it eventually.

Have you bought any gummy flavors?

Can you go to my flavor stash to chack maybe I can do somthing similar to the crawlie
I have a lot of gummy flavors but I don’t know what I need for the crawlie

Gummy candy TPA
Gummy bear FW
Swedish Gummy TPA
Swedish Fish FW
Jelly Candy

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I would use a tiny bit of gummy candy (TPA) along with a good amount of Jelly Candy (CAP). What is the other noticeable fruit flavors in Crawlie Tuesday? Aside from the gummy.

Sweet strawberry for sure
Kind of lemon
A little bit of bubble gum
A little bit of Apple maybe

You have to taste it.
I think it’s the best gummy worms flavor ever


Lots of my local vape shops do not let you test flavors anymore and it is hard to buy premiums with them being 22$, but I will get around to giving it a try. I am always down to help nail down a flavor, especially premiums.

After you have gone through as many concentrates as I have, you know what is in a recipe if you have worked with the flavor the company uses. Invaluable data that no one person can completely gather, that is why collaboration is important when it comes to flavors.

Gummy is a unicorn, it is not just a sweetener, but a combination of flavors that sometimes involves no gummy concentrate at all. You have me digging out my gummy concentrates now… I love it.

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If this is the truth how come you are asking all these endless newbie questions in thread after thread about this and that flavor…? It’s like an never ending stream of questions.

I mean with that vast knowledge you boast that you have it should be like a walk in the park with your eyes closed for you with anything flavor wise…


Long ago I had TPA Gummy Candy(PG) but I found it to be harsh. I believe this was the triacetin in it as lots of flavors I come across that have triacetin in it, tend to come off as harsh.

I pulled out PUR Gummy Candy and PUR Jelly Candy last night in an attempt to find something that resembled a gummy. It will be a while before I can decipher the difference between the two, but in the meantime, here is a good read on what exactly the difference is between jelly and gummy (or gummi) candies. It will be interesting to see how these translate into flavorings as most of the differences come out to be feel and physical properties than actual taste.

I’ve gotten close to Wonder Worm using:

Gummy Candy Purilum, Grape Candy TPA, Watermelon LA, Sweet and Tart TPA and Super Sweet CAP.

I haven’t locked down the % but feel free to try.

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I have heard that Swedish Gummy is a main component in this recipe. I used it long ago, but I cannot remember if TPA or FW was better. They are probably close but I specifically remember it imparting the best gummy I have tasted, to date. The only problem I had with it was there was also cherry along with the gummy (Not bad, just not a ‘plain’ gummy which I have been searching for).

You have the profile correct with the grape and the sweet/ tart as well as the sweetener. If you have it, try subbing in a Swedish Gummy, I will look through everything I have to try and remember if the TPA or FW was better, but I believe it was TPA. Maybe…