Guys what's the best peanut butter flavor please?

Ooooo so close! No FLV strawberry though. Got FLV raspberry, blueberry, peach, cantaloupe, banana, dragon fruit for my fruits in flv


Hey it’s your adapted recipe throw your spin on it !! FLV BAN is in this one !! just add whatever FLV fruit you like with PB and Banana ? probably raspberry ! or blueberry but FLV’s is a lil candy-like i’d go easy on that one…if I were mixing w/ it.

I went with Biscuit to add crust to the marzipan but if you have cookie that would do too. As well as adding more fruit !!!


This recipe is right up my alley. I’ve been on a fruit kick lately. I’ll give this a try. Thanks for the share @Amy2!

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It’s an older one I just mixed it up again I thought all this talk on PB made me want it…Also I have an ADV that I never let run out bc I hate to steep it oh it’s my crack…

Strawbana nutterbutter

Ingredient %
Banana Cream (TPA) 3
Caramel (FA) 1.8
Marshmallow (FA) 2
Peanut Butter (TPA) 5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3

Flavor total: 14.8%

Remember to rate it at!

I have used FLV in place of TFA and it is fine @john70

And one more that’s steeping in the crock pot atm soo haven’t tried it yet…but once again so much PB talk made me hungry for PB vapes :wink:

snack attack

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% 1
Boston Cream Pie (CAP) 4.76
Crispy Rice Cereal (FW) 2
Hazelnut (FW) 1.26
Marshmallow (TPA) 1.5
Peanut Butter v2 (CAP) 3.5
Sweet Cream (FW) 1.5

Flavor total: 15.51%

Remember to rate it at!

VERY IMPORTANT **** I DILUTE AP !!! 6 drops in 3 mls of PG then use from that diluted version at 1% ****************
UPDATE : Snack Attack the AP screwed up the flavor even w/ it being diluted it should be taken out of the equation just too much, I’d go w/ a cookie probably the next time and at a way lower % like in the 0.25-0.4% range just to give it a tiny bit of breadiness. The PB was delicious thou .

I have ZERO confidence mixing still! Lol never really even cooked my own foods. Lived in camps and hotels last 15 years, never had to. I suspect the more I learn about flavours and pairing that might change!

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Lol I learned pretty much the same way I do everything jump in and see how deep it is… I’m in deep :wink:

I’m about to go in the kitchen and whip up a vegetarian baked pot pie I just whip crap up and say yep I’ll eat it,vape it… make it work.

But there are threads that Ringling did put up on flavor pairing good stuff in there as well as flavor bible available online via Amazon and as a hard back.

here it is

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Ah ha! Few months ago when I started I took about 80 flavours and mixed them to max recommendation in 30 mil bottles. Went through them this morning and found TFA peanut butter. After some math I was able to make the recipe. Now I’m going to make with cap, flavorah and a combo of cap/TFA I heard about


Well let us know how it turns out !

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Got me the flavorah straw! Will let you know how it turns out. Q. Hearing banana at that % needs 3 day steep to mellow. What are your recommendations for steeping? Or are you thinking S&V?

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FLV SB is pretty sweet if you want a single flavor you’d probably do fine SnV on that flavor no mellow time for it.

Oh Ok John I see what your referring to…the strawbana nutterbutter juice right ?
If I used SB FLV for that one I think it could easily be the same % as the SB Shisha. ( If you like a sweet juice ) The Shisha SB has a certain flavor to it’s strawberry I really love it with nutty flavors…when you get some you’ll have to try it as written but for an adaption FLV SB could hang at 3% and be fine.

Peanut butter banana straw sandwich almond and my own personal dyslexia

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I like it ! Try it out and see how it does ya … I have a feeling it will be sweeter thou if it’s too sweet throw in some vanilla swirl

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Hi Amy and thanks for serving as an RN… I worked in the Naval hospital in Yokosuka Japan…chairside…great job.
I’m not good at computers and using a cell phone I can’t navigate too well…any suggestions ?
Someone stole my recipe book so I’m looking for a few good ones…ur one of my favorites and Lord Vapors is a great one too…thanks for sharing

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Very Cool so you did more of the desk duty RN your saying in the Navy ?

I am sorry to hear your recipes were taken from you I would be having a fit LOL.

Are you familiar with searching on ELR for recipes ?

And thank you for serving and thank you for the compliment. What type of juices do you like ?

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Loved Seattle Bremerton…had to race shore patrol hop off the BMX bike…they said I couldn’t ride w no lights so we played chase the rabbit…
Live in Cali…and yes I’m still fuming…not just the theft but my wallet credit card w photo bought food while I’m there…the guy was in front of me at McDonald’s…got a bit green from eating there…lost a Monte Cristo #49 I’d just obtained from #39 having been stolen…they only did #100 so I’m looking for one last try…bad luck mod ? Idk
Want to make blackberry scone…into cheesecakes and as Kimberly@ DIY refused to run the sale price (just do an override it’s her company…?) They sent my 30 new flavors 12 short then she said I could wait for the next sale ahead ? Bye Felicia…lol love her advice but paying premium prices on re-bottled into plastic…not
So I need a new vendor…asap
Peanut butter I’ve got…coconut…cheesecake by LA and Cap stash w pineapple…need a “best of” and I’m going to get back on the tablesaw to finish some cool juice bottle and racks…I’d love to make these for you n others JoJo is so cool (huh)
I’ve missed you guys here and ONLY today ‘figured out’ how to message or post…need a best of and don’t buy- think you did that one…idk I saw it…my fat thumb on the cell phone lost that…ok twice I’m slow…lol
Thanks for being here…I’ve helped a lot on FB but I’m a bit older today n need money to open a transitional VA hs in Anaheim…ergo Mack’s…but I’m still mixing stuff
Orange…pineapple…peach…I’ll go look at ur recipes I’m often adapting and changing. Other’s recipes and had a real great 3juice mix w banana… Bavarian cream butterscotch but i guess having adapted it it’s gone…

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I was a secretary but then started in during surgery…not a fan of cleaning up…

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Ok so there were a few things you mentioned

you need a new vendor that is true ! On ELR there is a resource tab click on it and check out all the discount codes no more waiting on Felicia !

Ecigexpress ( ECX ) is awesome they have a ton of stuff and a 10% discount use ELRECIPES when u check out.

Bull city vapor ( BCV) awesome has great stuff as well as Cat House vapor both have discounts as well.

you need a best of list here ya go !

And YESSS JoJo is cool :smile: she’s a wealth of knowledge and great mixer check her stuff out !

you said Blackberry scones … I don’t happen to have a Blackberry scone Interesting flavor concept thou !!

there seems to be none listed on ELR but if I were to start building a recipe it’d go something like this

5% Blackberry LA ( needs to be LA bc TFA’s is Nasty )
1% Biscuit INW ( this is a rough guess ) it may need to be around 1.25
1% Vanilla Swirl
0.5% Huckleberry TFA
1% Butter Cream FW or Cap’s or sweet cream TFA ( All are buttermilk creams )

Bc blackberry is a bitter like flavor it does need at least a good week I recommend 2 weeks but if you simply must have it tonight… it needs a heat d/t the ethanol alcohol in it so recommend warming your batch in warm/hot tap water for 2 cycles of 15 mins changing water out in between heating and shake it well.


Well for some reason I’ve ordered 2 of these in tfa and so far I’ve not really come up with anything ‘magical’ but I do think adding in a small amount of LA coconut thinking that will develope nicely into a bit nutty cream…I’d forgot however about the long steeping this flavor requires

Try using a different Blackberry if your saying you’ve used 2 tfa ( meaning you tried 2 bottles of tfa blackberry and there was nothing magical ) that blackberry isn’t very good. LorAnn’s blackberry is very good , FA is pretty good as well.

I guess I have used blackberry and coconut I just found an old recipe with it in it and I rated it high so I must of liked it…I sometimes don’t remember my own recipes shame on me. Here it is

blackberry coconut macaroon tart

Ingredient %
Blackberry (LA) 6
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 0.3
Butter Cream (CAP) 1.76
Coconut (FA) 1.26
Cookie (FA) 1.5
Meringue (FA) 0.8
Pistachios Clear (TPA) 0.76
Sweetner Ecig Express 0.2

Flavor total: 12.57%

Remember to rate it at!

Butterscotch pairs with everything LOL… I love blooming butterscotch