Guys what's the best peanut butter flavor please?

I have a choose out of FA, Inawrra, Capella or TFA

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#Guys what’s the best peanut butter flavor please?

  • FA
  • INW
  • Cap
  • TFA

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I can’t say what the best is cuz I’ve only tried TPA…but I like it! I think it’s yummy. :smile:

If you want raw unsalted peanut it’s FA. I can’t speak for INW. I have TPA and Cap v2. My vote went for TPA. Very realistic to me.

CAPELLA’S All the Way !!! v2 this is not for nutty salty this is for sweet Reese’s effect.

TFA more calm and decent to the ratio salt nutty. Didn’t get INW or FA yet !


Any reason why the v2 specifically and not the v1?


No reason just what I bought and fell in love with and decided I didn’t need to venture over to v1. Same thing happened to me with sugar cookie v2 cap’s.


I have only used Cap, it works well for me.


Would you use cap and TFA and similar %? I have cap only and playing with some recipes that call for tfa, any suggestions? I also just got flavorah peanut butter, what do you think of that one and how would you use it for subbs?

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Sorry just seen this post… I have used Cap’s PB easily in the 3-5% I really love the v2 one. As for TFA it sometimes needs more depending on what profile your working w/ I’ve used it pretty high as 8% and that’s taken up a lot of room for other flavors if you’re like me ( which I know ur sensitive to pg ) so I like cap’s and FLV both hang well in the 3-5% range. Although I do like TFA’s pb as well…hope this helps.


I voted for tpa because Flavorah wasn’t an option.

I did the same. I haven’t tried Capella’s. But after reading Amy’s comments I will be ordering it. I love TFA PB. I have FLV and love it too. But to say which one I like best is very hard. If I am looking for a peanut flavor I go for FLV. But if I want a flavor like Dairy Queen’s Peanut Butter topping I use TFA. To me, I can’t compare them to each other because they are used differently in my recipes. I have tried a couple with FLV that I normally use TFA in, and I didn’t care for how it changed the overall recipe.

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So if you were making someone’s recipe, say lord vapors peanutty chocolate cookie, would you use cap at half strength? Have u tries flavorah yet? Any suggestions for this recipe with FLV and CAP PB? Thanks

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[quote=“john70, post:13, topic:23114”]
Have u tries flavorah yet?
[/quote] I’ve tried PB TPA, Cap PB V2, Salty Peanut INW and PB FLV. IMO FLV beats them all. As @Amy2 says TPA is a little weak… I get a weird aftertaste from PB v2 Cap, but FLV for me is great under 3% max. I’ve never tried any of them standalone, but the FLV really shines in mixes. I like it with .5-1% Nut Mix FA for a real good Peanutty note.

FLV Peanut Notes I’ve seen this repeated quite often.


Handy tip. Thanks pv. :wink:[quote=“Pro_Vapes, post:14, topic:23114”]
I like it with .5-1% Nut Mix FA

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Being that TFA was originally at 5% in the recipe and you have either Cap’s or FLV use FLV at 3% you could start lower at 2% but with the AP being in that recipe you want to make sure the PB stays bold and doesn’t get overwhelmed by it.

I forgot that some ppl do say cap’s has an aftertaste they taste in it…it’s fine to me but just so you know.

Also like PV says you can always accentuate any nuttiness with a few drops of Nut Mix FA don’t go too high or it has an oily tasting effect ( to me anyhow )


Do you think cap hazelnut could add to pb to bring out the “nutty” in pb?

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So if a recipe calls for 5% tpa peanut butter would 3% be a safe bet for FLV? Unfortunately I don’t have much and my access to more is poor. So don’t want to waste. Thanks for any help


Going to try at 3%,if too strong can always make larger amount. Just don’t want to throw anything out right now. So figured I would ask your opinion


I feel 3% FLV will be safe and if it’s too strong yes dilute your batch… ehhh I’d hate to ruin your batch but I certainly like FLV at 3%

see :slightly_smiling:

FLV Banana almond butter & jelly sandwich

Ingredient %
Banana (Flavorah) 3
Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.5
Coconut (FA) 1
Marzipan (FA) 1
Peanut Butter (Flavorah) 3
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 3
Strawberry (Flavorah) 3

Flavor total: 14.5%

Remember to rate it at!

And that’s with Bold flavors like banana and marzipan I can still get a great PB note from this batch…