Had a mod ripped off :(

Well my step daughter just got home this evening… she has been using the XCube I had received a few months back courtesy of @daath during a giveaway he had held. Seems someone with lite fingers took it from her while she was playing pool. I do wish to apologize to @daath though, for my step daughter, and not taking care of something he so graciously provided to me. It was extremely nice of him to send it.
She is about in tears, ya’ll know the feeling… your borrowing something from someone and it gets broke or something… you just feel terrible. I have been telling her not to worry about it… it’s alright… these things happen… etc etc…
I’ll take advantage of it later and have her mow the yard lol
Boy I do hate thieves though (and on top of it, was a 25mm Griffin grrr


It happens, some people are just callous, jealous, dishonest scumbags who think they can just take whatever they want, they will pay in the end…


Im sorry. Terrible!

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Wouldn’t you just love to catch the asshole in the act and let things develop as they may.

Kinda thinking of hitting up of the local vape shops to let them know if someone comes in to get the coils replaced on the Griffin (yeah I know shops aren’t “suppose” to do that any more) or to get batteries to look at the device. I believe the one @daath provided had the word “sample” on the bottom if I’m not mistaken… not many out there that would have that. I would almost guarantee whomever picked it up, doesn’t do their own work.

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If it’s like mine it says “sample not for sale” on the top directly in front of the up and down buttons. You could always as the local shops if someone comes in with one to get a look at it and if it has that let you know. There’s only 250 of them out there. It was a contest on ECF and social media. They may have given some to people that ran the forums and and did testing and reviews, but I can’t imagine any of them just happening to hit your area.