Hadaly RDA by Psyclone - Flavor Dripper

Check it out. This is one interesting looking RDA.


So waiting for the clones to pop up for this guy!

Sxk clone


You can find the same clone here. Only difference is that you can use a coupon code and get 20% off.


Sweet! Thanks! Wow, that didn’t take very long for the clones to show up.

No worries. The Goon LP is already out as a clone and that’s before the original is out on the market.

You can use the coupon code MAP at FT and get 20% off too. I haven’t ordered from 3fvape before so I might give them a try and see how the shipping goes from there. Might wait and see if a black one becomes available to match the Dripbox2 I just ordered today.

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Beware all Hadaly clones are not created equal, they may look the same but they don’t perform the same. The SXK Hadaly from Fasttech I have not tried yet so no comment on that one, there’s another from Efuntop that you should avoid, the BF pin protrudes into the deck, and it floods way to easily, the base of the atty was continually wet, forget about that one. The Hadaly clone from Shenray is definitely a good one, you can find it on FocalCig for $13.82. The squonk pin is the perfect size, the hold down screws for coils are chunky, and it never floods - I use the Shenray Hadaly on a Therion BF mod and it’s been perfect from day one.


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Looks great! Gosh that rip tripper bloke annoys me somewhat. Not as much as usual in this video. watchable.