Halloween Giveaway - 1 Set of Wotofo Profile RDA, Ends on 5th Nov

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Winner announcement:

Congratulations to @SunnyT @VladSumy #235 #236, please PM me u shipping address.


Hi Vapefam,

We are teaming with Wotofo to give away 1 set of Profile RDA to celebrate the upcoming Halloween, yeah, there is only treat for you!

To truly taste your juice, now presenting the 24mm mesh style rebuildable platform, the Wotofo Profile RDA! Get it for free, let’s get started.


How to Join?

  1. Visit our Halloween Sale page here, choose coupon code you want to get.
  2. Visit Profile RDA here, and leave your comment in the reply box
  3. Compare to Recurve RDA, which one do you like?
  4. Tag at least 3 friends to join


  1. one winner will be chosen on 5th Nov by random.org, forum time based.
  2. max 20 replies for each member

Good Luck to You All!


Post 1
Rules are a bit unclear but I will take a shot…

I prob choose the 10%off $60, that right?

It looks nice that you have mesh or wire coil option although seems to prove ineffective.

If i had the option i would prob purchase a recurve after hearing nice things.

@Hobag @AlanS @cosacee
Hope I did this correctly since @HealthCabin I dont want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. Gl to all!!

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Post #1
Visit our Halloween Sale page here , choose coupon code you want to get.
I’d go with $10 OFF for orders over $60, coupon code: HW10

Post #2

If this does what it says “free every single flavor in your juice to your taste sensation
You may have a WINNER


The code I want is spend $100 and get $20 off then get $30 off of your next 100 dollar purchase.

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Apparently its the best mesh rda but still crap. At least they were smart enough to put an option in that is able to use round wire.


I despise the recurve

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@SunnyT @heatho72 @Sprkslfly

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#Post 1

I choose coupon code: HWJUICE30.

#Post 2


#Post 3

Recurve RDA is nicer to me than Profile RDA. Attractive form and air supply solution like.

  1. Option #1 for me
    1. Up to $50 OFF for your whole order

$10 OFF for orders over $60, coupon code: HW10
$20 OFF for orders over $100, coupon code: HW20
$50 OFF for orders over $200, coupon code: HW50

  1. Comment in reply box
    It’s lovely
    1. Compare to Recurve RDA , which one do you like?
      No comparison the Recurve blows.
  1. it’s colorful
  1. I am familiar with the company
  1. I have never used this RDA
  1. I would like to try and review this RDA
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  1. I am not a fan of of having of tagging people per se.
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  1. @qwerty2192