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Halloween Giveaway - 1 Set of Wotofo Profile RDA, Ends on 5th Nov



My youngest son was a zombie, my middle son was Batman, and my oldest is 14, which is too old to trick or treat, but I let him anyway, and he just wore a scary mask!

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The got around 5 lbs. of candy each! Good haul this year!



My favorite candy bar is an Almond Joy, so I stole most of those from my kids candy!



@HealthCabin, you guys are awesome!



Shout out to Maggie @Healthcabin, I appreciate all you do for the ELR community!



I really like that the Profile comes with a resin drip tip, they are my favorite!



My first Wotofo product was a Freakshow mini rda!



The profile rda looks like it will be good for squonking! I love using mesh rda’s for squonking!



I like the blue one…



The spring-loaded support for the cotton looks like it could be useful, although I have the digiflavor mesh pro rda and have never had a problem with the cotton not touching the mesh and giving dry hits, and it has no spring-loaded support…



I also like the rainbow one, looks like it would match the purple Rage squonk mod I want!



The number of entries in this thread is so high that it is hard to keep thinking of new things to say in each…



I am almost done though, only two more to go…



Good luck to everyone!



Thanks for another great giveaway Maggie @HealthCabin



Visit Profile RDA here , and leave your comment in the reply box

I need help to find the dang comment box :tired_face:

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I have tried the Recurve and I love it. But I have never tried Profile so I cannot compare them.
One uses standard coils and a small wick, the other uses mesh coils and a huge wick.


It’s just the review box on the Profile’s page


I really like my new Recurve RDA, The modern technology in vape devices is outstanding. As long as the parts used for construction of the devices are high quality, a user can get very good performance from the new RDAs.


I hope this contest isn’t over, I’d really like to try this RDA. But actually I think it needs to be called RMA for Recoilable Mesh Atomizer.