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Halloween Giveaway - 1 Set of Wotofo Profile RDA, Ends on 5th Nov


2 I like coupon Hv20


18 Profile RDA


3 I have profile RDA and I like it


19 Experience from cool vape to warm vape


4 Best RDA what i try


20 Profile RDA


5 if you want this rta - you must have many liquid


6 only for squonk


7 best froM mesh RDA


8 HV 10 good for small orders


9 Amazing RTA


10 cool airflow


Hey guys, as much as I really wanted to win this RDA, post #235 isn’t mine, it’s @VladSumy’s, which is one above mine! Talk about bad luck for me!

So, Congratulations to you @VladSumy!!!


@SunnyT it’s yours actually.


Are you sure? When I click on the #235 in their post, it brings me down the page to where it shows both VladSumy’s post right above mine, so I thought it was for the one above mine…

Don’t get me wrong, I would love, love, love, love, love to have this RDA, buuuuut, I couldn’t live with myself if I claimed something that wasn’t truly my win… I have too big of a conscience, and I believe in Karma…so, I want to be sure first…

@Sprkslfly, could you check this out for me please…

Edit: Nevermind…just remembered that I could find out for sure by searching tbt127 and VladSumy in the search box and click “search this topic” and it gives the numbers of the posts that has us in them, and yep, #235 is definitely @VladSumy’s prize!



Oh my gosh! I just noticed this! You guys ARE sooooo Great!!! Thanks soooo much! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Congrats to you @VladSumy, and thank you @HealthCabin! You guys are amazing!


Congrats @SunnyT and @VladSumy !!!


Thanks! I couldn’t believe it when I saw that! So nice of them to do that! I just wanted to make sure the rightful winner (@VladSumy) got their prize! I do believe @Dan_the_Man saw that @HealthCabin decided to give us both one before I did and that is what he meant by

But I never went back to look after the initial winner announcement that I saw!


It was nice of you and from @HealthCabin as well! What a store ha?!! :smiley: