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HALO Concentrates/Aromas!


Hello guys, so my first eliquid that made me quit smoking was Bebeca by Atmos Lab, which is similar to HALO Tribeca.
Been searching out for it, trying to do it myself, checking out clones and stuff in ELR, which is why I registered here.

And while searching I found out this goodies, yeah you heard right, HALO Concentrates!
So I thought I will share this to the ELR as HALO eliquids are really popular and nice!

I found out this shop in France which offers international shipping.

A Greek only website.

And so on, you can try your local vape shop, they might be selling them.
At first when I saw this, I thought it might be a fake, so I’ve sent Halo an email.

So yeah, Halo doesn’t sell them directly from their website, but they sell it to their wholesellers, well someone near you might be one of them.
Have fun guys and keep vaping!



Very good news thnx for sharing it!



Could look at this post:



Is this exactly the same as the original? I have about 9 recipes which is very close and 4 of them i like very much but is not exactly the same.

The fact that Halo start concetrates I think that is a win for the Diy community!

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Probably not, but I like it and might be worth a try. I have the same wish about DK Tab. I have HS TAB Blended and was told that it should be the same. My solution will be to work on it.

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I will give it a try but I have to add other caramel in place of TPA.
What is the DK Tab and HS TAB ?
Oh and i have to add Graham Cracker Clear

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any should work, doubt % is a big deal.

Dekang and Hangsen, two Chinese manufacturer’s of flavor



Oh thanks i didn’t know the short names of them.

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so, what % do you use the Halo Tribeca contrentrate? 25% seems a lot … I have just bought the flavor and I am confused what % to use it.

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Hello Alfa and welcome to the forum.
If you want it just like the ready to vape e-liquid make it at 25%. I make it 60-30-10 PG-VG-WFI 25% flavour (MTL user).

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Thank you, will mix as you sad, MTL as well when vaping tobacco flavors.

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By PG-VG-WFI ratio I mean 35PG + 25 Flavour-30VG-10WFI. Sometimes I make it with less water, like 35PG, 25Flavour, 35VG, 5water.

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Thank you, my PG/VG-ratio is 30/70 or sometime maxVG (for DL)
I have never used water in my mixes. Why do you use water?

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If I remember correct first time I mix this flavour was it at 30-70 PG-VG no water. After one month steep it didn’t taste as it should, almost no flavour at all. Water helps to homogenize the liquid, make the liquid flow better in your cotton and I believe in this flavour (Tribeca) helps in flavour/taste too. Sorry my english is not that good to give more analitical answer. Also don’t make it in soft plastic bottle, ethyl maltol in soft plastic mute the flavours. Use PET or glass bottles.

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Ooo your English is great. Thank you for your advice. I will transfer it in the glass bottle, as I made it in soft plastic bottle. One more question, what water did you buy. demineralized water?



So far I buy only water for injection (WFI)/distilled water from my local pharmacy (drug store). Somethink like €1.5/litre. Demineralized water is good for the machines because it contains no salts but I am not sure if is clean enough to vape it. I mean, I don’t say you can’t, I say I don’t know. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you for your help :+1:



Thank you very much for the information (as well as doing the due diligence in looking into the facts, and the inquiry and response!) and sharing it here! :thumbsup:

Well done!!

(yeah. Yay for reading old posts. lol)



Anytime! :slightly_smiling_face:

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