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SirRisc here with an easy-on-your-budget-juice review!
Because vaping shouldn’t always be about premium and spending lots of money to be good, I’ll be looking into a couple of the Halo UK flavors courtesy of ecigarettedirect.co.uk!


I have been beta testing some of the new flavors that Halo UK is developing, and unsurprisingly so they’re good for the price you’ll pay.
They come in 10ml bottles at a price of GBP3.99, which is roughly USD6.23 or €5.72, so it’s not a big bite out of your vapebudget.
Of course you can’t expect these juices to be intricate recipes but for single or simple flavors they do what they’re supposed to do.

Join me as I tell you a bit more about these juices…

The review.

All the liquids were tested in

  • Troll, dual coil at 0.4ohm with 0.51mm Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon
  • Plume Veil, dual coil at 0.18ohm with 0.32mm Ni200, wicked with rayon
  • Subtank Plus, single coil at 0.8ohm with 0.45mm Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon

As always these were put on different mods, including but not limited to, Sigelei 100W+, Sigelei 50W VR2, Heatvape Invader Mini, P4Y IPV Mini II, …
Wattage ranged from 25W to 70W on the Sigelei 100W+, depending on what I felt like that day.
For temperature control I used the Heatvape Invader Mini and a new Dovpo 50-TC which is performing quite nicely I might add.
Each juice was tested for at least a day as my all-day-vape.


Ingredients: 6mg/ml nicotine, PG / VG unknown

Description on the website:

Our mixologists have been working hard to improve the flavour of this popular zesty lemon e-liquid, and it’s now more delicious and tangy than ever! Reminiscent of traditional home-made lemonade, this juice leaves you with a sharp sour, yet pleasantly sweet after-taste.

My review:

Scent: Pure lemon, sharp and zesty

Color: Clear liquid with no noticeable hue

Taste: The first toot I took of this I nearly coughed up. It’s a very sharp lemon juice with a serious throat hit to it.
Because I don’t know the PG content of this one, I also don’t know if it’s just the flavor or the PG content that causes this.
In terms of flavor it’s pretty spot on, more of a lemon zest than actual lemon but tasty none the less.
This does cause it to have a slightly bitter aftertaste though, something I don’t quite like.
Pairs extremely well with an iced tea!

  • Flavor: 7/10
  • Vapor: 7/10

Passion Fruit

Ingredients: 6mg/ml nicotine, PG / VG unknown

Description on the website:

Enjoy the refreshing tropical taste of passion fruit, delightfully blending a pleasantly sweet taste with a zesty citrus tang. A perfect all-day vape.

My review:

Scent: Passionfruit with a slightly bitter note to it

Color: Clear liquid with no noticeable hue

Taste: A smooth and enjoyable passionfruit with a subtle bitter accent, sweet but not overly so.
The flavor lingers and feels very natural on the tongue, the sweetness doesn’t get in the way of the flavor like some passionfruit juices tend to have.
While this is a simple flavor it does tend to be something that is very moreish, I quite like it actually.
Great in combination with a cool lemonade!

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Vapor: 7/10

Black Jack

Ingredients: 6mg/ml nicotine, PG / VG unknown

Description on the website:

The nostalgic taste of black jack sweets. A delicious and unique taste of aniseed that delivers a smooth and sweet vape.

My review:

Scent: Anise with notes of anise and some anise accents

Color: Clear liquid with a slightly yellow hue

Taste: Let’s get this out of the way before going into the flavor… I dislike aniseed. I don’t like the intensity, I don’t vape it, I don’t eat it.
But for the sake of a review I tend to make exceptions, which is why I chose to review this anyway.
With that said, I didn’t vape this the entire day like the other two and only used about 3ml for the purpose of this review.
When first inhaling this one, you’ll get an overpowering aniseed that is almost like eating black liquorice.
The taste lingers for a while and then mellows out to give that distinct liquorice feel to the tongue.
In essence it’s definitely not a bad vape if you like this flavor, it’s spot on aniseed and tastes very real.
Not my cup of tea, but definitely not bad!

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Vapor: 7/10

In conclusion.

Despite their simplicity, these are well done flavors. Are they perfect? No, but they taste natural, they’re exactly what they say on the label and they’re dirtcheap.
For a vaper on a tight budget I’d definitely think these were not a bad choice, though I have to admit there are more intricate ones out there for equal prices.
If you’re used to more intricate flavors they will leave you slightly dissapointed, but if you like simplicity… these will do fine.

In closing I would like to thank ecigarettedirect.co.uk for their continued trust and support, working with them for betatesting and reviews has proven to be fun so far!
And of course all of you who read and comment on my reviews, you’re all fucking awesome!

In my next review I’ll be jumping to the other end of the spectrum again with the entire juiceline of Twelve Vapors. All the way from Buffalo, NY in the US!
Luxury a plenty in that one, expect a very long and photograph-oriented review!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review, so get in touch if you want me to review something from you!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.
Juice, RTA, RDA, mods… it’s all welcome and I’m sure we can work something out!

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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of passionfruit scented vapor