Halved my flavors and can't tell the difference (now)

Someone mentioned they pre-mix their favorite flavors to simplify mixing their ‘regulars’ which i though was a GREAT idea. One of my faves totals 16% flavor http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1483479/Strawberry+Delight , and while I’m happy with VG, the jury is still out on the flavours. And given most recipes are all about flavor balance rather than outright quantities, I decided in the quest for harm-minimization to mix at half-strength. At first I had to increase power by a third from (9W to 12W) to get the flavor I wanted, but by the end of the first tank I was back to 9W, and now I can’t tell the difference and am getting all of the nuances plus depth of flavour (Siren 22 30G SS316L 3mm 10 - 12 wrap contact-coil 2’ish Ohms)

I’ve also halved the flavors on this recipe http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1504165/Sweet%20Cuban with the same success (KF5 Mini same coil and Watts as Siren 22 but 2.5mm 1.8’ish Ohms)

Going to halve both again next refill, see how it goes…

Update - 8% now instead of 16% in the strawberry recipe, going higher makes little difference. The tobacco recipe is now 4% instead of 8%, and going higher tastes over-flavoured - like a little fish-sauce is lovely but too much is awful. My original 8% tobacco recipe is now awful!! :slight_smile:


Same experience here!
Added 25% ekstra base (nic/pg/vg) in my 10 week steeped DIY chocolate/mint mix, and 1 week later discovered new nuances and a richer, smoother taste.

11 different flavors, FA/INAW sums up around 4,3% and TFA at about 3,4% after adding the 25% base. :smiley:


Another choc-mint lover! I think we’re a dying breed… The taste maybe a bit too simple for folks brought up on Himalayan Salty Caramelised Nougat Choc Nut Fudge Honeycomb Truffels :wink:

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Well… :smile: ) Add a bit of brandy, a bit of cocoa, a bit of Irish Cream, 4 different choc., a couple of menthes/mints and a couple of creams… It’s not THAT simple anymore, and I’m only on version 40-something!! :smiley:

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Hehe - I had to start a spreadsheet to keep track/make adjustments :slight_smile:

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