Hand check (what you vaping on today)

I was thinking we could post our daily DIYer (read driver) for others to see. I will start since i made the topic and i hope others will follow.

It is my Metal Moose stab wood mech with a Deathwish Modz Unholy RDA on top


El Cabron on the Tesla 3.


Smok alien with a proto rta. Running dual parallel ss 28/32 clapton with 3.5mm id.


I am still fighting a nasty cold so i had to break out my Axis M17 with the Snap Dragon clone.
Just about any other setup has me coughing up a lung!


Get better soon bro, we all know what those colds do to us. Axis do make some nice mods.


Thank you [quote=“Fenrir1, post:5, topic:101110”]
Axis do make some nice mods.

It is a quality made mod and I do not regret buying it but… A few months after buying it they sent emails offering the original purchaser a chance to buy an extended warranty.
I don’t know why but that really chapped my ass.The reason I bought the expensive mod in the first place was because I had hoped it would never need a warranty and now your telling me that unless I agree to purchase this 89.00 warranty then I am stuck.
I decided that I will just save the 89.00 to put towards another @Whiterose0818 mod .
Sorry to go on a rant!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I do love the look of that Metal Moose , I have heard they are of extreme quality.


Never say sorry unless you have done something bad. :wink:
Sounds like Axis have started with an Apple philosophy where you sell extra warranty and if you don’t get it you are fucked. Lets hope you never will have to use any warranty on that mod.
I must say that i am surprised by how well the Moose is made. The nicest thing besides its obvious looks is the switch, it has this nice firm and really short throw and i totally love it, the throw is maybe 1mm or just a tad more and no crunchiness to it either. I think one have to try one to really appreciate it, i got other mechs but since i got the Moose i don’t use them no more and it all comes down to the switch.

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Hope you feel better soon brother :+1:

Can’t get enough of this bad boy :wink:


Thank you , this is the first cold that I have had to change my vape style in the almost four years of vaping. I didn’t even have the will power to build something for a PWM . Everything other than the SnapDragon clone has too much airflow for me right now.I am going to break out the Goblin Mini V3 later , I am pretty sure I can get it tuned where it will work for me without compromising any flavor.
I do love the looks of the Acrylic mod you had made for you and we will never have to worry about a 89.00 warranty!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I said i don’t use any of my other mechs since i got the Moose, well today i dusted off the VGOD just because i got the Goon LP clone yesterday and i thought the 2 of them would make a nice matchy matchy.


You set the bar high putting up the Metal Moose to start the thread! Sweet piece.

Fuchai with Pharaoh
Fuchai with TF-RTA G2
HΩhm Wrecker G2 with OBS Engine


And I hate posting anything after seeing this work of art.

@BoyHowdy hope you feel better soon!


LeiadBacca on my Vt133 (22mm $10 Tobecco RDA Velocity clone, dual SS Fused Clapton stovetop) flying at half mast for Ms. Fisher …sucking up the Strawnana Custard


And DaMomma’s VC III

Feel better soon @BoyHowdy :hugs:


I’m in baby cloud mode today, this is as much as I can take without coughing my lungs inside out. :mask: @BoyHowdy I feel ya, bro.

Istick 40w, tfv4 single coil rba, just enough wattage to make a little bit of vapor. And the juice in there, well it doesn’t matter. I can’t taste it. :weary:


Not you as well you poor thing! Hope you’re feeling better soon :hugs:


I’m two fisting it today.
My X Cube 2 and my Movkin Disruptor


Thanks! :blush:


I feel for ya. I’m going on 2 weeks with this crud. Makes me remember having the flu when I smoked cigarettes… You keep on trying to hit it even though it makes you cough up a lung.


Hope all of you with flu and colds get better soon!

i can’t remember the last cold or flu I had… been a few years, but I don’t
ever get those flu vaccines and try not to take any antibiotics unless I get some kind
of really onery infection.

Anyhow… handcheck!!!