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Hangsen Flavor Notes

You know what…that’s a good idea! OH!


NF has carrot and tomato extracts

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@Silhouette Are the Hangsen flavors sold at RS in original Hangsen bottles? You made a statement about that a long time ago and to buy from BCF but they no longer carry HS.


Not silhouette but I can say RS does not sell in the original Hangsen bottles, they are re-bottled.

She is right, the Caramel Toffee I got from RS was not as good as the same flavor in the original bottle. Not sure what is going on with Hangsen, BCF is no longer carrying them and Chef’s who sold original bottles is out of a lot of Hangsen. Anyone know of another source for Hangsen original bottles? I will be bummed to run out of Italian Cream, a truly unique and delicious flavor.


Oh wow, thx for the info on that. I just mixed some RY4 and Caramel Toffee both from RS. I did a little bit of research on Hangsen and my understanding is that they are no longer exporting to the US but I understood that to be their finished juices not flavors. I wish I had the answer for you. For all of us.


I can post some links of Hangsen stockists in the U.K. if that would help anyone, I can’t say if they are rebottled or not though.