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Hangsen Flavor Notes

I searched and was unable to find a Hangsen notes thread. If I missed it will you please merge?

Italian Cream

Percentage Used: 2%

Equipment Used: Troll RDA with a single Kanthal .3 ohm Staircase coil at 27W. 24g kernel with 32g wrap, cotton wick.

PG/VG: 30/70

Steep Time: 9 Weeks

Manufacturer Description: Can’t find one.

Manufacturer Suggested Percentage: Can’t find one.

Aroma: Tangy, cream cheese, plain greek yogurt, sour cream.

Flavor Description: A very tangy rich cream. It’s not sweet at all, it provides a very heavy and dense cream mouthfeel. A very potent flavor with strong sour notes, it tends to take on the characteristics of what you mix it with. Hard to describe, when mixed with cheesecake it tastes very much like a tangy cream cheese. When mixed with yogurts it tastes like a thick Greek yogurt. Single flavor it’s almost like a thick sour cream with slight cheesy notes.

Off Flavors: ???

Throat Hit: 1/10

Uses: Excellent for adding tanginess to most any mix. Works well with other creams or dairy to tone it down. Excellent to add that cream cheese tang that is missing in all the cheesecake flavorings. I use this anywhere I want cream cheese flavor, cheesecakes, danishes, frostings. Fantastic for yogurts and some cereals too. Great with FLV frosting and/or LA Cream Cheese Icing as part of a base for cream cheese frosting

Notes: In mixes I use 1-2 drops up to 1%. My average seems to be .5%. Extremely potent and will overwhelm everything if not careful. Great dense mouthfeel, but even using it by the drops, the tang is noticeable so it won’t work just for adding body. I can’t make cheesecake without it. It works best with sweeteners in dessert or sweet applications. I don’t use sweetener a lot, but it pairs well with this one.

Other opinions: From ELR, bluenose63: “Hangsen best Cream out there for Bakery imho”. Bradslinux: “If you want a REAL heavy and VERY RICH cream note, Italian Cream (Hangsen) is wonderful.” Darthvapor: " Italian cream has a really nice tangy-ness to it, akin to yogurt and…well…cheesecake". Amy***: “Heavy Heavy cream on the stern side and not a sweet cream more mascarpone like with a greek yogurt like tartness but cleaner tasting. Wonderful in desserts/bakery flavors. Have used 0.3-3% The more you use be sure to steep it so the flavor can relax and allow other flavors to develop.”


i freaking love you notes


I think 0.65% is my sweet spot for Italian Cream, I don’t think I could effectively use it at say 2%, it is truly potent. Thanks for making this! I have some HS flavors I am just in love with, Caramel Toffee is a really splendid flavor. I think it’s one you would like. :smile:


I do like the Caramel Toffee a lot. It’s really good in tobacco mixes too. I am working on my notes for that one :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but it tastes exactly like Cajeta. I used to eat Cajeta in Mexico, and sometimes we could get it here in the US, just wasn’t quite the same, it’s a heavy Caramel that uses goat milk instead of cow milk. Yes, it sounds unappetizing, but really it’s just a thicker, heartier Caramel flavor than milk based. It tastes exactly like that to me.


I would like you ladies opinions on HS Vanilla. I’ve been using it for some time now but don’t see many others using it. I’m terrible at describing things like flavors so I won’t even try except to say that I like it and have even vaped it single flavor. Silhouette knows that I am not a fan of custards and I don’t get that at all with this …just a smooth slightly sweet vanilla. Apparently many like it with tobacco flavors which I have never tried. Your opinions please.


@MysticRose What @fidalgo_vapes said ^^^^^.


I regret to say that I have yet to buy it, every time I have gone to buy it, it’s out of stock, although I still plan on getting it eventually. So I can’t comment on the flavor, but I have seen pmvART use it with tobacco flavors, and that is exactly how I would probably end up using it as well.


French ice cream or French vanilla ic cream is super lovely. It’s buttery cream like. Velvet. Smooth. Extra yummy. As for Italian Cream, I stay below .2%. I want the flavor but don’t want it it be the centerpiece. I might try .5% in my pina colada and see where it takes that.


Ooo! Thanks for your review on this flavor @MysticRose. This sounds delicious and potent. Thank you for your hard work.

I was unable to find a flavor description on the Hagsen website, but I was able to find this product description and recommended dosage % from Nic River & the MSDS HDS sheet is located uder the the flavor description also.

A great Cream flavor with sweet notes. Perfect for desserts and as a background Cream!

Suggested starting percentage: 5%

If you look at the HSD this flavor has over 20 chemical components :hushed: and a good handful of chemicals that are cited to have flavors of: dairy, butter fat, creamy, milky, oily, acidic etc. It has a hefty dose of Butyric acid, and they even include a chemical (Sulfurol: CAS# 137-00-8 | EINECS# 205-272-6) in there that is described as “meaty and brothy” lol. With all these components, maybe this is why you are getting a very strong tangy cream cheese type flavor.


Mmm brothy! :wink:
Chuck that bad boy in homemade bowl of ramen with pork bone and scallions.


LOL. I wonder why they added this chemical. This sounds like something to be added into a few of the concentrates from OOO’s Savory line. :no_mouth:


I swear ooo pumpkin pie is actually full on thanksgiving dinner in disguise. Its tasted like stuffing, turkey, mash and gravy even a hint of celery and carrot. Weirdest experience ive had vaping to date. I still have the tester. Might try and find it…lol


Mmmmmmmgood! Roasted turkey and dressing is the best vape ever


I’m already seeing the manufacturers of flavors launch a line of flavors for vegetarians … :smile:


*Hangsen Caramel Toffee:
I use 0.5-2% in a mix
Man, this flavor. Caramel Toffee itself seems a little misleading as this doesn’t taste like a translucent Toffee flavor whatsoever. It tastes like a very thick, very milky Caramel. I knew as soon as I got this flavor exactly where I had tasted it before, in Food Fighter’s Crack Pie, an Eliquid I had spent over a year trying to perfect. There is a very unique flavor component here, rich and buttery, but the cream isn’t pungent or BA like at all. This to me tastes like Cajeta, exactly like Cajeta, a Mexican thick style Caramel that comes in jar, spreadable or sometimes sandwiched between wafers as a type of treat. My sweet spot is usually around 1.5% if I want a very present Caramel in a recipe. By far my favorite Caramel flavor out there, it is pretty unique and doesn’t really have some of the normal Caramel characteristics that other brands have, like a coconutty lactone taste, or burnt sugar taste, or even a sweet Caramel Candy taste. I’m sure @MysticRose can put this flavor into better form, I just like sharing my experience with it. It is delicious with tobacco flavors as well as any place a darn good Caramel is warranted.

*Hangsen French Vanilla Ice Cream
I use 0.5-1.5% in a mix
If you took a Butter Pecan Ice Cream and removed the Pecan pieces, this is what it tastes like to me. I know that’s an awful description, but it’s the first thing I thought of when first using this a year ago. It is über rich, and has some of the same carmellic vibes as Caramel Toffee, in fact several Hangsen Creams share a similar base flavor. The main difference between Hangsen’s FVIC and Ice Cream is the richness and intensity. It is certainly different than other Ice Cream flavors by other brands, and the vanilla used is not as sweet. It’s not an Ice Cream that could replace TPA’s or LB’s in a recipe, they don’t quite taste similar enough for that. I’ve always tasted a light hazelnut, or some light nutty finish when using it. I love this flavor with Creamy Hazelnut and nut flavors, cereals, maple flavors, Pecan, tobaccos, and anywhere a rich, smooth cream flavor with carmellic notes is needed. Quite potent, at 1.5% it can be a more dominant flavor in a mix.

*Hangsen Ice Cream
I use 0.25-0.85% in a mix.
Eh. I don’t use this one often, and have had it a little over a year. It seems like a kind of watered down version of French Vanilla Ice Cream, and I find it to be a little more potent. It is certainly less rounded than FVIC, and is lacking the richness as well. It has a caramel-like sweetness, but this flavor has always seemed somewhat empty to me. It is great as a cream used low, but has a savory back note that just lingers in mixes for me. Maybe I am a little biased having tried FVIC in a mix first, but this one just doesn’t really do it for me as an Ice Cream. It does have a nice Vanilla to it, although it is faint and some of the other aspects of it can overpower it. I’m sure there are others who really enjoy it, I just favor the FVIC a bit more.

My notes are crap, I know. I just wanted to add this for anyone interested. :wink:


I think your notes are great! Thank you for sharing. I’m vaping a tobacco blend with the caramel toffee now. It’s really yummy, but it’s only been steeping a month. The SF tester I mixed at 3%, and it’s WAY too strong. Gives it a bad accent flavor for me. But I’m using it in the tobacco at 1.5-2% and it’s addicting. So I mixed a new tester at 2% to steep before I finalize my notes.



Your notes are quite useful! And appreciated!


THAT ^^^^^^^^^ :point_up_2::point_up_2:


Really?! That is strange. If you have it still let me know you still get a full Turkey Dinner lol. You know OOO started doing Flavor reviews for their concentrates on YouTube; thanks to the inquiry made by the mixer named Lorenzo. I wonder if they will review their savory line soon!