Hangsen... is it still around?

Hey there. So, for some reason, I’ve been dying to try HS French vanilla ice cream for a little while now. It’s been sold out for maybe months at bullcity and is still not reupped. So upon further searching, ecx and mfs no longer carry them and I can’t find any other large vendors who do. Rts still has some HS but I refuse to buy from them at those predatory prices. Anybody know if hangsen is still around?

Well, just found som3 hangsen, excluding fvic, at diyvaporsupply.

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I don’t know what’s happening in the US but I posted this over a year ago.

Damn that sucks. Is there an alternative to French Vanilla Ice Cream anyone is aware of?

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OOOflavors.com has three Van Ice Cream Blends listed but how “French” any of them are I don’t know not having tested any of them quite yet.

That Hangsen French vanilla Ice Cream is unique and I don’t think it has an equal.

Yeah that’s what I’m starting to think. However, their Italian Cream smells like it has some of the same chemicals in it… So maybe mixing it with their Vanilla might be comparable… idk. Never tried their Vanilla though.

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I agree and it’s worth a shot right…

Could check on FT.

I emailed BCV and this was their response:

“As far as I know, no, they have not been discontinued. We actually have HS French Vanilla Ice Cream on order right now. Getting shipments from Hangsen are pretty slow moving and usually end up in customs, which end up leaving us out of stock sometimes. I do apologize that by the way, but if you go to the page for it and click notify me, we will let you know as soon as the shipment arrives.”


Niice! Thanks for investigating…

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Just checked Caterpillar Vapes cause they’re one of Hangsen’s US suppliers, They have French Ice cream in stock. https://www.caterpillarvapes.com/


Thanks @COOTER but it looks like it’s ejuice. I don’t see flavor concentrates there. Though a lot of those HS eliquids do look pretty interesting, like soft juicy and some of those shishas

That’s a hell of a note! Sorry bout that netweight. I’ll keep searchin for it, there’s gotta be some out there somewhere. :confused:

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It’s back in stock at Bull City! French Vanilla Ice Cream-HS - (30ml Original Packaging)

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Thanks again @COOTER !! Just copped some. Can’t wait to taste this one.

No problem, as matter of fact I went ahead and bought some too before they run out again.

I realize this is a super old thread, but who sells Hangsen anymore? I’m having a hard time finding them.


Try Nicotine Giant. I believe they used to be RTS Vapes.

Looks like they still stock Hangsen. They were my go to Hangsen source, back in the day.

There may be others that stock it as well, but it’s getting difficult to find.

Good luck!