Hangsen Mango? Any good?

I’ve been having a hard time finding a good combo of mangoes. Looking for an authentic fleshy mango, sweet forward but natural. Is Hangsen the one I want? There is a local juice called “mango wango” (original right?) it’s an icy mango, but the mango in it is by far the best and most authentic I’ve had, so I’m trying to find that flavor.

I have:
Cap sweet mango
FA mango
TFA mango
INA mango
Ina rubber mango
Super concentrate mango
Cap orange mango
Tfa (?) Philippian mango

Haven’t found what I’m looking for with these. I’m just missing the fleshy mid notes with them.

If you’ve tried HS let me know if its any good, or if there is something i’m missing. Thanks! :smiley:


You may want to try Wrecka Sexy Mango. just going by memory (still have a little) I read on reddit that ID10T believes Sexy Mango the main Mango in that juice if I’m not mistaken.


I’m on the west coast of Canada, the juice I’m talking about is relatively new. I can’t find any suppliers that carry sexy mango in Canada at the moment. Maybe they brought it into the country on their own, it’s hard to say. I’ll look into it, cheers!


I don’t know if you can order from Nicotine River, but I’ve found their Golden Eye to be an amazing mango flavor. It puts checks in all the boxes for me, although I do like to mix it with other mango flavors too.


? Is it pretty bad or is that the actual name? I was asking about Mango FLV in chat a few minutes ago, Bryn and SM are the resident experts on Mangos.

I’ve got Mango Flavorah and FlavourArt… both are good and have their uses but I wouldn’t call either of them the holy grail. I suppose they’re similar to strawberries, there are some pretty good ones out there but not one of them is good for just any recipe.
Slight preference for FLV.


I like mango flv with the hs vanilla icecream. Granted, I add one heavy drop of mango mf. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


mango shisha :smiley: lol

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Thanks for the replies. I forgot to add I have FLV mango as well (Its good, but I don’t buy the hype… maybe I’m too picky).

I’ll go ahead and drive out to my supplier tomorrow and give HS a shot, I’ve been really impressed by a lot of their fruit flavors. I’ll report back tomorrow when i get a chance to solo test.

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@Bryn any thoughts on Hangsen Mango?

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…and @Ghettotrout nice to see you back in here Brofessor. Don’t want to derail, but this is prime target for secret weapon pairing …say Cantaloupe (fleshy?)

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hey buddy :smiley:

Been here, just been lurking in the shadows lol

which cantaloupe were you thinking?

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Not the Cantaloupe expert but stick with 1 Vendor. Have a favorite Mango (CAP)?

Hmm maybe a Peach (looking at some of those) also fleshy and Mango-ey Ooo and Papaya (TPA) [looking at top rated for %s]

It’s funny you should ask, as I just got a bottle in with my last NR order and am putting together a taster this afternoon(Along with a slew of other fruits I bought for gawd-knows-why and never got around to tasting…) Everything I’ve read says it’s the bee’s knees, but I’m sure that there’s more than a few of us that have been on that hype-train a time or three and have gotten unceremoniously dumped off at Meh-Town.

If you’d like I can give you my not-so-refined palate notes in a few days-just let me know.

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I’ll be picking some up tomorrow, was just hoping for some insight into weather or not it would be a waste of money. But do swing by here either way and leave your thoughts, as will I.

as Suomynona mentioned, I haven’t found a holy grail mango yet. I’ve had to layer them to get what I’m after. this recipe to me is pretty much bang on http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1589338/Mang+Dem
the heart breaker is FE Mango, it’s my fav mango but it fades after about a month.
@Ken_O_Where hangsen mango is good but very distinctive. to me its very floral. some people really like it but I find it a little overpowering & would mix it with another mango at a lowish percentage.
Rek sexy mango is also a not bad all rounder but has an earthy note some don’t get on with.

gl with your mango quest. pls share any findings :slight_smile:


Thanks, bud. Appreciate the information.

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I have golden eye, what percentage do you use it at and what would it mix well with? Just curious I have had it for a while and have not played with it much

hiliq mango sorbet , its a very good mango with some cooling agent the problem for me is the cooling agent but @juice_junkie_lover knows a lot more about this