Hangsen tobacco quandary

I’ve been struggling a little with Hangsen flavors and I was wondering who might be using them with success and/or recommendations for mixing with other flavors.

First, Arabic Tobacco at 3%. WAY too much like molasses or maple for me.

Desert Ship at 3%. Not as sweet but nothing special.



have you checked all the notes on the recipe page ? or the hangsen thread on the forum ? i usually will look at recipes from mixers i trust and know to see how they used the flavors in their recipes ( if they are new flaves ), but besides these questions i am no help sorry

When I was traveling down the Hangsen road (as with all tobacco concentrates), I had to make up single flavor test batches at 1, 3, or 5%, to see exactly where my tastebuds fell with enjoying “X amount” of concentrate in the vape mix. From that point, you can then start creating tobacco mixes that you’ll love. :grinning:…trial and error was my teacher.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… that was about my sweet spot for the Arabic! It’s an acquired taste for sure.


I can see that you’re really, and I mean really enamored and impressed with NETs. And that’s a wonderful thing! (It’s always nice when you find “your particular nirvana”)

But I would hope that you might also stop to consider those you might be alienating with such a broad and sweeping statement. While some may indeed need to pursue that route to get what they’re looking for, I would hope that no one would intentionally try to dissuade all who are “tobacco curious”, with such a broad stroke of the brush.

There’s some really great information that you’ve shared in this post, and that’s something I definitely appreciate (as do many others).
I know we’ve had a difference in opinion at a couple of points, but I’m trying to be respectful, while at the same time hoping to offer a constructive criticism.


As far as I know TA (Tobacco Absolute) is tobacco extract like this flavors line (http://www.inaweraflavours.com/en/search?orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=Absolute&submit_search=Search) from Inawera.

In essence you’re trying to say you intended to say “Try NETs, I think you’ll find them far superior” (which is what I was alluding to when I said that you’re really enamored with them.) I have no quarrel with such a statement. At all.
It’s an obvious opinion, and should be respected as such.

That is quite different than saying

Those are pretty concrete statements.

Which is in complete opposition to folks who enjoy them. And further, ignores why they’re popular among so many in the first place.

I’ll leave it at that.


No need for all that… Like I said in PM, I think you’ve got a LOT to contribute here, and I very much look forward to it!

I was just hoping you might be a little more clear (or judicious) with respect to your intended meaning vs. the actual phrasing. That’s all.

I’m glad that you’re that passionate about NET’s. It clearly states that they’re worth looking into for those hunting the tobacco path. I just didn’t want someone who hasn’t tried the other options to miss out on something they might enjoy! :v:


Damn I really and I mean really hate interjecting in threads that doesn’t effect me, but I do see why some members choose to take their topics to a PM. Sometimes topics are dissected a bit too far.

One thing I learned from synthetic tobacco mixes vs. NET creations is there isn’t really much comparison between the two. It takes a lot more commitment to making your own flavors rather than just pouring them from a bottle, But the rewards can be great if you learn to master the art of making NETs.

It really takes a deeper understanding of tobaccos before you even start making NETs. So if you don’t have that understanding, a lot of the NET process will probably be difficult for you.

In this day of SnVs, not many people are willing to commit 6 months to creating a single flavor. I went down that road with some success and some failure. The commitment was more than I could bare, so I applaud those that stuck with it.

I’m fairly certain the NET’ers here would be more than happy to share their processes with anyone that’s serious about making NETs, but as of late around here I don’t blame them for the PMs.

They should have their own invites/requests only locked group. That way they can eject the BS when it comes a knocking.


NETS are a tried and true value of patience. It takes a bit to master and the rewards for those that are patient understand the rewards. Agreeing with what you said.

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What type of tobacco are you trying to achieve? Cigarette, pipe, cigar, or cigarello?

It can help me guide you in the right direction.

Referring to OP @Johnny99.


3 notes:
you really need more than one ingredient,
Ejuice mixing is less like cooking and much more like chemistry
The flavors are more like pharmaceuticals than the ingredients in cooking.
A good example of the last note is Hangsen Arabic, at low “doses” is spicy, higher %s are sweet. Read the notes on the flavors in the calculator section and reviews on every site that sells the flavor. Most people use the Arabic @ 4% or less as 1 ingredient. The median single flavor for Desert Ship is 7%. Try any of the Hangsen that have a median single flavor of 7% - 8% @ 5% with 1% - 3% Arabic and 2 drops of AP per 10ml. If a tobacco mix is too sweet try adding a spice flavor like cinnamon or pepper. Flavourart nut mix, oak, and whiskey, brandy and rum flavors help too.