Happy 5/10!

Saw this on reddit vaping thread, thought it was witty and clever lmao


A happy 510 means a clean and dry 510!! :wink:


@DarkJester89 Hehe, I didn’t even think of it !!!

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My 510 likes to be wet, really likes it when I squonk it real goodđź’¦

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What about 808, 901, 306, 801, and 401?

Damn there was a ton of thread types back in the day! How the hell did we get to the 510 as the standardized thread type?

I remember starting on 808 cartos.


Man, am I glad I only had to deal with eGo to 510 adapters for the first couple of months that I vaped! It would have driven my absolutely batty to contend with different threads/connectors. I, for one, salute the mighty 510 and am glad the industry adopted a standard. Now, if they could just make a magnetic quick release so that I wouldn’t have to have 12 mods and 20 tanks in rotation…

OK, so that last little bit was a bit of exaggeration, but the point is valid


@Fresh7 I kinda liked the P3 threads.

I’ll second that motion! No seriously, I do!