Happy holidays! Hi again! And apologies for absence

Hey guys,

hope you’re all having a great time, and that Santa brought you some awesome juice.

I’ve been neglectful of this forum past few months, Apologies all round ! most specially to @Plunderdrum , who was verging on helping me get some Medicine Flower Concentrates from ECX to here (Britain) . Much appreciated but…

well ,heck , first my health was in a tailspin, then my life was a bit mad, then…actually i can’t clearly recall the lot, but I haven’t even been up to mixing any vape juice! not even making more of my tried-and -tested, regular vapes, and wound up back on stinkies for a bit : . I’m mixing again , now, and reducing stinky intake by degrees, all over again (it’s amazing how addictive those fuckers are, compared to good, clean juice. But yeah, don’t tell me! I do know why)

I’ve just had a great Christmas. My son came to stay for a few days, which was more than enough to make Christmas great already, but also, i’ve managed to interest him in vapin!. We tried some of my little mixing experiments together, and I was gratified to learn that the flavours that really impressed me were equally impressive to him.

Oh! and also, I did get a load of those Medicine Flower concentrates , a little while back, direct from manufacture at enormous cost , sod it. I had a little bit of a windfall in the form of substantial gift of money from family member . I really don’t want to tell them how much of that I blew on vaping! chuckle , so my plan is to put the money back into my bank account, little by little out of money saved on stinkies ,and then buy sometjhing that would impress said family member rather more :slight_smile:

My MF collection is far from complete, but hey! I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy til they’re past their sell-by-date…, plus an obscene collection of kit. (Nah, not anything that would impress our pros, mostly lots of different MTL kit, in lots of pretty colours chuckle. and spares for my spares, ofc)

I am actually gonna take the plunge and finally publish a few recipes soon. Mostly simple, dual-flavour stuff, but delish in son’s opinion as well as my own. Might be of interest to other PG-free vapers. But for now, i just wanna say HI! And glad to be back :slight_smile:


Great to have you back @jay210! You’ll be back off those stinkies before you know it. Hope your health is now improving :+1:

And no need at all to apologise - real life can be a pain in the butt at times :hugs:


Great story! Finding the positives is key to Living well, because sometimes you needta blow some sunshine up yer own Kilt. Hold Fast and best wishes for gettin’ all your wishlist!


Thank, Lolly and Bo :slight_smile: Yep, health much improved ATM (though it does go up and down , especially when weather is cold Brrrrr. but i’m keeping myself nice and snug indoors and feeling glad that I’m too kaput to be sent out to work * grin * . definitely a silver lining. )


Welcome back! No apple polly loggies needed. Glad you got that shipping thing sorted out and you’re feeling better.


thanks , Plunderdrum. Weeeeell, I didn’t exactly get the shipping thing sorted, just went to a dealer that didn’t
create so many danmned difficulties! :laughing:. but at much higher cost! ah well. having fun playing with my new toys :slight_smile: