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Happy New Year 2019


Happy New Year everyone!

Some of you are already in 2019 this is like some time-machine sci-fi stuff. :scream:

Plz send the winning lottery numbers, and winning horses! :rofl:


Don’t worry, I’ve got that sports almanac!


Happy New Year everyone, and let’s be careful out there.


Happy New Year to all my vaping friends, may your coils be hot and your batteries cool.


I’ll keep celebrating being in 2018 for as long as I can (about 4 hours left) but ALL THE BEST FOR 2019 for everyone who’s there already!


Happy New Year All! All the best!!!


Happy New Year with 3 hours to go in CA, USA.


Happy New Year! EST. All the best!


Happy New Year . Best wishes to all , I hope 2019 brings everyone happiness. I know im ready so Goodbye 2018 . This guy wont be looking back :wink:


Happy New Year to you all. May it be cloudy and flavorful.
I hope your wicks stay wet and your batteries be forever charged.


Happy New Year and make 2019 a breakout year!!!