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Happy New Year 2019


With a little over 5 hours to go of this year (Local Time :smile:) I would like to say Happy New Year to all the good folks that make this site what it is. I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, trouble free, illness free & prosperous 2019

May you all wake up with a manageable hangover (which I always plan but never manage to do).

Cheers everyone



I’ve got a little under 15 hours to go but Happy New Year to you and everybody on ELR :sparkler: :firecracker: :sparkles: :fireworks: :balloon: :boom:

That won’t be a problem since alcohol and I don’t mix, I will light up though and think of you :happycry:


Happy New Year 2019 @woftam and @ all!!
Little under 12 hours here.


A little over 8 hours here, and still at work…
Happy New Year everyone!!


A little over 19 hours left to go here… But a very happy new year to everyone at ELR both near and far!


Happy New Year to one and all.


Happy New Year, t-minus 16 hours and some change!! May 2019 be prosperous for all!!


A happy and healthy new year to you all!


Same to you, and out to ELR !!! @woftam.


Happy new year from your semi-absent admin :slight_smile: I wish you all a safe entry to the new year and that it will be the greatest year for you yet :slight_smile:


Here it comes! Gonna be a wild ride here in the US that’s for sure. Wishing you all the best!!!


May you have a Safe & Prosperous 2019 image


Complete sentence.


Happy New Year to you all.


And people say Hooked On Phonics was a waste of money. HA!


Dang it, that was a SECRET!


Joining in, not many hours left to 2018 here in Europe, it was a good year for me and another good one for ELR, always improving thanks to a lot of work behind the lines, Lars closed it with a bang!

Happy 2019 to all my second family!


Happy new year to all, health and best wishes.







Happy New Year to all.