Happy with my first concoctions!

So I stopped smoking 7 days ago today. Which is a huge feat in itself - I’m a working diver so my lungs are my livelihood. After getting decompression sickness I decided it’s time to get healthy. I found I was tooting 10ml of liquid every day which at nearly £5 a bottle was proving quite expensive! I also found that 1% nicotine was too much and 0.6% was not enough. After finding out my boss at work had a friend who made & sold their own liquid I figured how hard could it be. Being fairly technically minded I set about doing my research.

Anyways, everything came in the post this morning. I quickly got to work making my first very simple recipe to go to work with - an FA Raspberry & FA Polar Blast mixture with 1% sucrose which, to my surprise, was way better than the ‘Iced Raspberry’ I had bought from my local vape shop - this was with no steeping. I’m also able to vary the nicotine to 0.8% which is just perfect for me.

I’ve been doing my mixing with syringes and playing with varying PG / VG levels, mainly having a high PG as I’m an ex smoker and enjoy the throat hit. My second one from tonight was a TPA Strawberry (ripe), FA Raspberry, FA Lime Tahity & sucrose combo. A little too much lime at 2% but again - it tastes fantastic with zero steeping. It has the juicy flavour I’m after without the sickliness I associate some flavours with. Maybe I’m lucky or maybe it’s the novelty of making my own liquids. I have a Nutty Coffee (I know - coffee… tough one) that I’m leaving to steep, Strawberries & Cream recipe to make in the morning and a new modified version of the Berries & Lime with some of the Polar Blast in - I’ll post that recipe because it tastes awesome!!

Just like to say thanks to this great community - this is really helping me to stop smoking as it’s a fun & stimulating thing to do. At less than £1 for 30ml it’s also saving me a ton of cash after laying out the initial amounts for everything to make it with. I might invest in scales though to save on syringes.

Also, can anyone suggest more savoury & earthy recipes to balance the fruity ones I’m making?


grats, u sound like u are doing great. You can always join the chat and ask advice or q’s but dont sound like u need much. They are a good bunch and always happy to help w/ whatever, not just about vaping either. I am pretty new to it too, recently been trying stuff besides plain fruits, i am enjoying adding “cookie” to the mix and lil crunch.


Congrats on your mixes and please share whenever you feel ready.

For something a little different:


The snake blood looks really good. Wonder if I can sub creamy coconut in.

I don’t know really, I’ve only tried Coconut Extra, but yes, it is very tasty! I’ve got a Castle Long crush these days, aah…

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The Butter Pecan custard wonderfullness is a fantastic recipe, right up there with Alisa’s wonderful Bust-A-Nut.


Congrats @deepfriedfunk… I love the Butter Pecan Custard Wonderfulness recipe!!! This is a recipe I came across quite a while ago now and I still make and enjoy it to this day!!!

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