Harry Harvey vg/pg

Hey guys don’t know if this is in the right place but been looking for some more pg/vg and came across http://harryharvey.com/2-litre-vegetable-glycerine-vg--2-litres-mpg-propylene-glycol-pg-usp-grade-272-p.asp really cheap 4l 2 of each pg/vg for £16.99 would anyone recommend or should I avoid thanks😀

They’re both kosher and USP, so they should be fine :slight_smile: Never heard of them though. Nice to have alternatives in Europe! :smiley:

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I use them bud. Great and fast shipping and i have never had any issues with the pg or vg
Seems to taste quite nice when vaping too and the prices are crazy low for the pg and vg in bulk

Ive used them before on ebay and had no problem with it,last time i looked it was £20 with free delivery.have a look at darrant chemicals it might be slightly cheaper-£8.80 for 5ltrs of vg -£4.58+vat delivery.