Harsh nicotine taste, is there a fix?

So i just made a batch (400ml) with 200mg/ml nicotine, but the problem is that the nicotine tastes so harsh, like pepper something, it might be that i havent steept it but i doupt it becuse i yoused Pinkman flavor from vampire vapes which usually dosent need any steep time. so my question is how do i mask or mute the nicotine flavor?

btw the batch was 6mg/ml

A pepper taste is normally a sign that your nic is going bad.

how do i know its gone bad? is it dangerous?

It isn’t dangerous and is quite common. When nicotine oxidizes it can get a peppery taste. How long has the nicotine liquid been around? Check your source! If you Google this you will find many, many threads on this topic from Reddit to ECF.

Y’all are killin me!!! :slight_smile:

You need look no further than this site for plenty of information on nicotine. Just type nicotine as a search on ELR - tons of info. http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/search


My bad! Start at ELR of course!

I suspect old nic juice not stored properly. I kept a liter of 100mg in the freezer for over a year and when I opened it the juice was as fresh as when I got it. Stored in an amber glass bottle with air-tight cap and not exposed to light or air.


No worries…I just had to get my digs in! :slight_smile:

I started keeping only small amounts of nic at my mixing station. I use 100mg PG and keep about 15ml at the most out…room temp. I find it’s lasting me a few weeks depending on my mixing volume. The rest stays in the deep freeze. I’m keeping them in plastic bottles but have them in ziplock freezer bags. Each time I refill my small lab bottle the liquid from the freezer is clear as glass.

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I just got the batch of nicotine and I know the guy who makes it, he blends pure nic with pg so it’s no more than a day old, but still it is yellow ish. I keep my nic in the freezer and about 50ml in a 100ml bottle in my room with the rest of my vapeing supplies.

Is there any way to reduce the taste? Does the steep time have any effect?

Do you think something like ethyl maltol could mute the taste?

yikes. I just got my first BIG DIY order in a week ago and I hadn’t even thought about needing to store things at anything other than room temp. I have a 120mL 100%/VG Nic…

I know about the NIC now…are my PG and VG OK at room temp?

I guess I’ll keep like 20mL’s out in the lab(doing a LOT of experimenting) and freeze the rest of the NIC…I’ll do a little research on the VG and the other stuff. So much info out there. So many flavors…

Any strong arguments about whether to keep it in glass or plastic and whether it needs to be clear or colored?


VG and PG should be fine storing in a cool dark place. Doesn’t need to be frozen or put in special bottles. Nic is the one you use care with. Amber glass bottles and in freezer zip locks. I have an ice tray drawer in my freezer that I store it under and only access when I need Nic.

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awesome BigB, thank you!

Sorry to say, I’m not aware of anything being able to fix it …other than new nic.
That said, I didnt try any kind of counter-action when it happened to me, but I reckon EM’d kill all the flavor …except the pepper. Maybe you could try something like TPA Smooth… or Vape wizard?? Idk how they would go, but might be worth a try. If you try it, & it works, let us all know - we all suffer this blight occasionally!
The longer the steep time, the worse it gets, coz it continues to oxidize.
Feelin ur pain!..Most frustrating!!

If you store your nic in the freezer, it doesn’t have to be in a colored bottle, no light can get to it.
I do suggest you put it in a heavy freezer ziplock in case it leaks.
The nic you keep out to use NEEDS to be in a dark colored glass bottle or a solid white plastic bottle,
kept out of any direct sunlight, and preferably in a dark cool area.

What container does your nic come in ?
Not really a way to fix bad nic, but I had a peppery taste once and Brown Sugar (TPA) toned it down.

As always. The crazy question is did you shake the hell out of your concentrate. One hair off results in a bad mix. I mix with 100mg nic in pg. easy to shake, but I was lazy one on a super full bottle and wam’oh…peppery juice. Yucky. Nothing to do but dump. Acouple of the juices were vapeable those others were not.