Has any one used Maltol Crystals in their e-juice?

I Purchased 4ml of Maltol Crystal from (TPA).
It came in a small bag and looks like white crystals ( as the name states ).
Has any one used this, and if yes, How much? and what kind of results to expect?

I appreciate any help here, Thanks

What you have purchased is the exact same thing as TPA Cotton Candy. The only difference is you do not have to mix crystals with PG when you buy the Cotton Candy. While we’re chatting it is my recommendation you do not use this stuff, or Cotton Candy for anything other than Cotton Candy Flavor. Cotton Candy, Ethyl Maltol, EM, or whatever anyone else calls it, will weaken other flavors that you mix it with. For sweetening I personally use Marshmallow…


Would you use marshmallow at the same percentages listed for cotton candy in the recipe?

I usually use 2% or less. There is one thing you must keep in mind, if the creator was shooting for a Cotton Candy taste with a little flavor you would not want to sub with marshmallow. Usually if used as a sweetener it will in low percentages. I would limit substitution to 4% but in my opinion, I would personally skip to another recipe if I saw large amounts of cotton candy that I didn’t feel was meant to be the base flavor. Subbing would not help the recipe in that case. Hope that makes sense…


I understand. Thank you for the explanation. I personally prefer the taste of marshmallow to CC and will try it the next time I get a chance to. Thanks again.

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I agree with @ringling that marshmallow works better as a sweetener. I’ve noticed Cotton Candy (as he said, the same thing as EM) does seem to dull my flavors over time. In a small amount of a shake and vape recipe that will be used quickly it isn’t too noticeable. If you’re going to make large batches or things that need to steep, I’d suggest trying some other stuff. In answer to your question though, what you’ll want to do is mix 1 part crystals (such as 1 gram) and 9 parts PG (9 grams of PG). You may want to crush up the crystals into a powder to make them easier to dissolve. Shake and shake till the crystals are completely dissolved. This will give you a 10% EM solution to use. You could use other concentrations, but I think 10% is pretty standard. This is also the way you would use menthol crystals if you ever decide to do that. :smile: Hope that helps.