Has anyone ever had Joy FA change its taste and smell?

ive loved Joy FA since i began mixing, its a must have! unfortunately the las time i ordered Joy it smelled and tasted fermented, like beer. ive read a few reviews stating that Joy smelled this way to others. at the time i thought they were crazy b/c ive ordered countless bottles and never experienced this smell and taste. im guessing i recieved a very old bottle of Joy as ive never had this flavor or smell before. its now 6months later and it hasnt changed. i did try it in low %'s in a couple of recipes JIC, and sure enough all i got was a fermented taste. i know if Joy is used in higher %'s it will taste fermented but ive never used it above
does it sound like i just got a very old bottle of Joy concentrate? has anyone ever had Joy concentrate change in taste and smell?

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its always smelled like that for me


Hmmm. You are going to have to do some google’foo. I think there was a reformulation. But shortly after release…1.5 years ago or so. Nothing recently.

Edit. Or they had a bad batch out there.


I’ve ordered countless bottles aswell and use it around same % depending on the mix (0.5-1.5%). I’ve always gotten a yeasty aroma from it, but noting that screamed beer at the top of its lungs lol. More of its intended flavor (fried dough/funnel cake with powdered sugar), but I too have heard the horror stories. So, I’d say it’s possible u got a bad batch. I always order mine in a 4oz bottle (purchased the current bottle 5 months ago) and it’s still fine. I always order most of my FA through @BullCityFlavors (they don’t carry butter, croissant, pandoro or cream whipped which I NEED lol) because I feel like their product moves a lot faster than most, so I’m more likely to get a fresh(er) batch👍🏻


Wait, joy that doesn’t taste like old beer? I’d like to get my hands on that.


No matter the steep time/ percentage, joy has always tasted bad to me. I swear, it must be an inside joke that it actually tastes good, because that stuff is horrible on my palate.


I’ve always gotten a beer/yeast smell and it took me some time to figure out how I like it. I actually like it at higher %s ( I’ve used it up to 2% with good results), i feel like when used lower all I taste is the yeast part but higher gives it the rest of the bakery.
@vapingannie its definitely possible that you got a bad bottle or at least one that came from a vat that didn’t get mixed properly. Especially since you’re very familiar with the flavor. I’d contact the vendor and see if they’ll send a replacement bottle.