Has anyone tried Molinberry favourings?

I ordered some of these recently to try out and now I’m interested in info about them while I wait. Anyone has any experience?


Ok, so three Molinberry flavourings are heat-steeping now. They are Sharp Blackcurrant, Charlie Tobacco and Pink Lady. Their smell out of the bottle is very nice and rich. Blackcurrant smells like a very concentrated juice and I hope it will taste that way while vaping. Charlie smells like a decent sweet tobacco, but it is very hard to judge tobaccos by the smell of their concentrates and flavourings. Pink Lady is a combination of floral and fruit notes: rose, hibiscus, maracuja and guava. Smell is intriguing and very unusual. I think it will be hard to mix it with other flavourings, but will see after vaping it later today.

So far their smell gives me hope that they will turn out to be a decent vape - no plastic smell, no strange disgusting notes, pretty clean out of the box.


Ok, sharp black currant is sharp! And pretty complex by itself. Berry on the inhale and black currant juice on the exhale. Very good taste at 8% in 50/50 mix. Other flavours are stepping in max VG, so they are not ready yet…

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Nice, how does it compare to others? Flavour Art’s blackcurrant is the best I’ve had! :smile:

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I haven’t tried others yet, so I can’t compare, sadly.

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Ah ok - Where’d you get the Molinberry flavourings?

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From inawerashop.com. They are also now available at chefs.

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So I tried the other two finally!

Charlie tobacco is very very nice! A light and sweet tobacco, with very pleasant exhale, hinted by a baked apple on the inhale. A pretty much ready to vape juice concentrate, nothing needs to be added! I’d recommend 8-9% and 50-70% VG, not more.

Pink lady is very unusual, with fruity inhale and flowery exhale. 8% and 50-80% VG. Also a ready to vape juice, I don’t think it can be added to many mixes.

I mixed black currant with bananas and creams and it goes very well in mixes at about 4%. Going higher might kill other flavours in the mix, but it depends on the flavouring, of course.

So, I’m impressed and will buy some other flavourings to play with them!


Being impressed with these three flavourings I’ve ordered another seven. Well, it should have been eight, but I somehow screwed up and ordered caramel twice instead of getting two different flavours. Will mix them this weekend in 50/50 base for faster steeping and report after trying them out.


Ok, four more flavourings!

Green Apple. A very juicy green apple! Very tasty, I like it a lot. I don’t know what to add more (:

Epic Vanilla. They have Creamy Vanilla and this one. I thought it should be more like FA Classic Vanilla, but it’s not. It is a bit creamy and buttery. It should go well with FA one to smooth it out, but I hoped for non-creamy variant. Otherwise it is good.

Melty Caramel. Reminded me of caramel candies we have in Latvia. 1:1 flavour, but without extreme sweetness. Very very good! This is a caramel I was hoping for!

Creamy Cake. I wanted to try their cake flavour and didn’t look properly at the image:

This cake is also available in Latvia. It has an almost tasteless cream, a pretty abstract soft cake with raw, bitter and sour cocoa and sweetness is very mild. And I HATE IT! Hate it with passion! And Polish guys reproduced this cake flavour with all the freaking notes I hate! I hate this flavouring as much as I hate this type of cake! Hahaha. Yeah, a very realistic taste. If you like this type of cake, I bet you will fall in love with this flavouring. As for me, I will burn it with fire!

P.S. All the flavouring were mixed at 8% and I find that they are pretty good at this ratio stand-alone. I’m using MB flavourings in my mixes at 3-4% depending on a recipe.


I’ll take your word on the cake, since there doesn’t seem to be a “grey area” in that review!!! Good to know.


Thanks for your comments, @Aux.
I’m waiting for a discount to appear before putting in a modest order.

For anyone interested in Molinberry concentrates, I found a review of 27 flavours on ECF.


Took a quick look at Melty Caramel review, looks like this guy got the same taste as me (:

Trying out Green Tea flavour, a bit sweet green tea with a slight sour note on the exhale. Tastes like a green tea from Lipton tea bag. Being a tea fan drinking premium Chinese teas I didn’t understand what I taste at first. Green tea should never taste like Lipton (: Otherwise the favouring is good, but not as complex as others.

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i won 7 M-Line flavors in a give away.
so far i have tried Cammello and a mix with Winnie in it. i like the Cammello as a standalone and am going to try an RY type mix with it.
Winnie is going into a custard mix. the honey and cream might just go well with it.
Cocoa Milk is another i am going to try in place of chocolate in mixes since i detest most chocolate in my bakery/dessert mixes. any thoughts/suggestions are most welcome.

Since this thread had a rebirth I’ll give a few reviews !

Creamy Vanilla - Heavy on the cream light on the vanilla but a nice one. I use it in a mix at 2-3% and have vaped it as a stand alone at 6% it was a mild one probably could of went with 8% and it would of been perfect.

Pink Lady- A exotic blend of guava, passion fruit like -marajuca , rose and hibiscus very similar to a grapefruit with the taste of the acidity. Lightly floral in exhale and semi sweet.

Wild Strawberry- Not too wild about this it’s a mild semi-sweet SB nothing fancy just Sb and it’s a little weak in a mix I use it around 3-4%.

Pink Raspberry- A sweet raspberry not a bad flavor at all I use it in a mix around 2-3%

Funky Pineapple- yep it’s funky alright…taste like canned pineapple. I use it as a mixer around 1-1.5 %