Has Anyone Tried Wonder Flavors' Soursop, Rhubarb, Thai Apple, or Snakefruit?

I am very curious about these flavors. I just ordered from Wizard Labs a week ago, got my order today, and just casually went to their website. The big front-page banner wasn’t there when I ordered.
What about this brand? What about these flavors? I have never had the real-life counterpart to these flavors either. I have had the opportunity to have rhubarb several times. In fact, it’s easy to find as a pie where I live. But my grandmother always ordered it when I was a kid “to help her poop” so I was always a bit turned off.
I have never heard of this brand until just now but their flavors seem a bit unconventional.
They have a starfruit flavor too. When my son was a baby and teething, he loved cold starfruit. So I know what that tastes like.


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