Has anyone used the flavors from Get Suckered? I like their prices and flavor selection

It seems like it should be a no brainer, but I don’t want to waste my money.

If I remember correctly, @Whiterose0818 has tried them.

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I have tried them…Didn’t give the vape I was hoping for…Kind of a funky taste to them, and very artificial…My guess is that they are more geared towards candy making, and blended with sugars and cooked at extremely high temperatures…but, as well all know, taste is subjective…maybe I will re-visit them, I do have a few that smell interesting,

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@Flavor_Alchemist Did you have any luck with any of the getsuckered flavors?

I have not re-visited them yet… I did go thru them and tossed a few that just didn’t smell or taste good and fit the description I posted above… I did keep a few that may have potential…A Rocky Road flavor smells decent…Perhaps I will throw that one together this weekend during my weekly mixing session.

@Flavor_Alchemist Do you remember which one’s we’re a no go?

I use several of their flavors. The key is to understand that you will have to go high with the sweetener and you will have to dilute the concentrate (roughly 1/3 concentrate to 2/3 PG/VG/alcohol, depending on your preference.)
Steep time is crucial. Usually 3 weeks to a month. It can be shortened, if you’ve diluted your concentrate and let it steep for a month.
They use the same flavors for their vape line (same website).

As a matter of fact, I cannot expand on it…I went to look for the flavors to see if I kept any of them, and I couldn’t find any…So, apparently I threw them all out…They basically had an artificial candy type flavor to them…Sorta like cheap imitation flavor like taste…None of them even compared or came close to the other flavors that I use from FA…TFA…CAP…Flavorah… Medicine Flower…Flavormonks…and a few others…so I didn’t waste time, with them, and concentrated on mixing good vapes with the other flavors mentioned above…As Flavologist pointed out, steeping is essential for a fully blossomed vape…Where I break with him though is the use of sweeteners… I can see the value that sweeteners prolly have with the GetSuckered line…I am not a big fan of using sweeteners in my mixing in general…And as we all know…Taste Is Subjective…So if you choose to experiment with GetSuckered Flavors, I would take the advice of Flavologist with the use of sweeteners…

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