Has anyone used ukflavours.com (UK)?

Hi all,

Has anyone used there custard or other flavours, and is it comparable to Cepella or TFA/TPA

Thanks for reading

They’re mostly pretty good but a lot weaker in some cases so overall not up to the same standard of Capella and TPA.
A lot of the mixers on AAEC used them a year or more ago, if you want somewhere to search for more details.

They’ve always refused to reveal which company is their source which put me off.

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Thanks BathVaper, it was the price of there products that got me interested will have a look at AAEC.

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It sounds like they’re weaker than other flavorings, so you might not save anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks daath, that’s what I’m thinking now, might be all right for cakes.

I haven’t had any problems with Capella and TPA so i think I’ll stick with them.

Thanks BathVaper and daath for your feedback.