Has this happened to you?

I made some vape juice that is a 40/60 pg/vg with Dew Mountain (LB) at 10% something simple to start off with. It is tasteless and could use some steeping, but when I started vaping it I noticed it had very loud popping coming from the vape and some came up and boy it was hot. I ignored this thinking it would go, this does happen time to time. But it didn’t, 2 days later I dismantled and cleaned every part of my tank, tried cleaning the coil, and ultimately replaced it trying the same vape juice again. And then replacing the juice with another juice I made at 20/80 pg/vg and it is still happening. Any ideas on what this could be?

You are probably not using enough cotton in your coils. If it is to little it can start to crackle and pop and maybe spit back. Try to use a bit more cotton and it might solve the issue you are having.


I neglected to mention I am using prebuilt coils, can they not have enough cotton in them? They had worked for me the longest time I just don’t understand what it happening.

sometimes having either water in the tank left over from cleaning can make it pop and then again some extra water used to thin the liquid can cause popping. mine still pops on occasion but im not too concerned about it


Oddly enough, too much cotton can cause the same thing just as too little can. I know you said you use prebuilt coils, but in the future it is something to keep in mind if and when you build your own.

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As strange as it sounds, when I vape off the Baby Beast tank it does the same thing, no matter what the juice. Using either the Griffin 25 or Mini… and the same juice as the Baby Beast, I don’t get the popping and snapping. (I don’t use TC, and the mods were set at the same power when this happens), weird.

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I’ve been rebuilding my tanks going on three years now and I still get the occasional loud pop. One was so loud I actually jumped… even tho my wicking techniques are consistent and on point. To this day I have not seen/heard concrete proof of why it occurs, although there are a quite a few speculations as already mentioned. And one not mentioned yet…air pockets within the wick. The pocket rapidly expands as the coils heat up. Bang!


@DanG4623 What tank / coils are you using? Do you see liquid inside the chimney when you look down through your drip tip? Could be bad coils, shouldn’t have that issue with a vg content in the range that you are talking about.

I get a lot of popping and some spit-back (like tiny lava droplets hitting your tongue and the back your throat…) with my original crowns and the only thing that I’ve found that really helps when it’s bad is to close the airflow a bit. It seems to happen more often for me when the tank has been sitting, so maybe juice is pooling on the coils or something. Either way, it’s a pretty common, albeit really annoying, occurrence.


Ditto! I’m not sure why this happens either, but I am meticulous when it comes to building, installing, and wicking my coils! I never have problems with leaky tanks anymore because I have finally perfected how to wick each tank I own, but it doesn’t matter how well I build and wick my coils, I still get popping! It is not usually too bad for me, and by now, it is something I have learned to live with!

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:+1:It stopped popping. I don’t know how but I’m happy its done.:+1:

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