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Have I been under a rock? Did Capella stop making their French Toast?


I have read so many reviews about CAP French Toast and how AMAZING it is. So after purchasing both OOO French Toast and most recently RF French Toast I have been looking for Capella’s French Toast and can not find it anywhere. Amazon is the only place I have found it but of course it says they are out of the item… So have I been under a rock somewhere and CAP has stopped making their FT? If they still make it where oh where can I find it at to buy it? lol Thanks for any and all help all… :grin:


If it is not on their website I would think is no longer exist


lol shows you how well my brain is working it never crossed my mind to go to their actual site and look for it… lol… Lord help me make it thru the holidays. Thank you much appreciated…:blush:


yep, they have stopped making it. It is not on the CAP site…


You may be able to search the web , or open thread asking if someone has any they want to get rid of… Sorry you couldnt find it . My impression is the RF was a good one and the RF Black label,may be better


Check out this site . Ive never used it but they seem,to have it


@a_jhasty0830 I’ve never tried CAP’s but I’ve extensively used Real Flavor’s FT with great results.

Also don’t miss out on @Howard_Hughes’s FT …


+1 for Real Flavors French Toast!
It’s a steeper tho, so if you’re impatient…


I’ve used the CAP FT, most recently in a Fat Kid remix. It was ok, but it inspired me to make my own. I wasn’t even going to look for it when my current bottle runs out. It had a certain “off” taste to me. I prefer my own recipe.



I am soooo sorry everyone… I live waaaay out in the sticks of Kentucky and we have had some issues with out internet and I have just been able to get back on in the past week and I remembered I had made a post and just popped over to check and seen all of your responses… Thank you all for the help it is greatly appreciated… I took a chance and ordered the Real Flavors French Toast and it seems to be a decent flavor just a bit on the week side I think. I did a mix with it and a touch of OOO French Toast to add a bit of that browned edge taste to it. It was pretty good. I finally got my FA Maple in so now I am playing with it to find the Syrup balance I am wanting. I have been debating on ordering Vape Train’s Golden Syrup to try as well. I will def check the links that you have all given me and be ordering me some CAP French Toast if I can since I had heard so many good things about it…
By chance to any of you have a good Peppermint / Cooling recipe you would want to share? I have a horrible cold and my throat is on fire. The only time I have relief is if I have a throat or cough drop in my mouth and my mouth is getting raw from them lol… I have a peppermint and white chocolate recipe worked up but idk how soothing it is going to be as I don’t vape much mint or menthol … We will see how it turns out tomorrow…
Again I apologize for my disappearance and I thank you all for your help, such an amazing community of people here. I appreciate each and every one of you…