Have you ever set fire alarms off

Oh gosh,i was in the local totally wicked on saturday just queuing up vaping away…well chugging clouds out lol
Them BLAAMMMMM fire alarm goes off and everyone looks at me as they start walking out. The manager said i was chucking too much clouds and in all fairness i wasnt really going for it just enjoying the moment and my new juice. But its an ecig shop ???

We all went back in and i apologised the guy said by the way what the f##k is it you are vaping there he loved the flavor lol no hard feeling then hahah


Yep, in a huge office building. Fortunately it was at night and only few were at work. We were in a meeting room - everyone was vaping, but I was vaping on a high powered device. We’d been there for hours, but at some point, I sit with my legs on the table, take a drag, then lean back and blow upwards - then I notice there’s a smoke detector there - I jump up and try to fan it away, but it started seconds after :stuck_out_tongue: Loud alarm - Less than 5 minutes later, two huge fire trucks show up :confused:


I’ve done it at several hotels. Most notable was at Disney World last year. I was using a Nautilus too, so it had to be very sensitive. Once in Dallas earlier this year they tried to charge me for smoking in my room after setting off that alarm. I made the manager come to my room and tell me what he smells. “Strawberries?” I said ding ding ding, you nailed it dude. He then asked if he could put his drip tip on my tank and hit it.

Kind of gets on my nerves, but then again when I roll past a parked car on my Road King and the alarm goes off. Well…chuckle chuckle :slight_smile:


Man, I used to LOVE doing that in my Mustang. Cherry Bomb mufflers are awesome!

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Great. Something else I gotta try. Thanks a lot LOL

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Been blasting in hotels with no prob. Decided to visit my dad, pointed out that this is not smoke its vapor! He cocked an eyebrow but said nothing as I did the occasional blast. Come out of the bathroom at 2 am let one rip next thing I know fire alarm going off, 10 min later fire truck at the house… Not allowed to Vape inside no more lol


Hahaha thats epic